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by arhuman (Vicar)
on Jan 20, 2001 at 14:26 UTC ( #53200=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Humble knowledge seeker...
(Who achieve Sainthood on June 23, 2001,
and became the 32nd saint)
Perl is one of my main interests, just behind computer security...
I've worked in a Start-up
I' been the founder/manager of small (now defunct) company STIXO mainly dealing with Open Source and security.
I've promotted Open source software in France through Capgemini (created and managed the national Open Source Support : OSSPartner)
I'm now working in a startup as Project Leader. When I have some time, I try to blog here.

Some cool nodes I've just wandered :
Perlmonks stats Register your position there for you can meet other monks near you (info here)...
lzcd It's where I first heard about YOU...
NodeReaper Learn to fear it...(here to submit)
Obfuscation tricks Abigail did VERY well on this one !
BooK Obfuscation is his Art! (Btw and if you like Perl golf see another one of his Masterpieces)
Morph I can't say a cool node, but my first JAPH...
Pi Hubris is a virtue, so may be, I can be proud of this (multi-precision) pi calculator...

My other nodes by reputation.
(definitly not sorted by inner quality...)

External links :
Perl's internals To help you browse the source (thanks crazyinsomniac for the info)
The perl path Follow the path
The Perl Geek code The soon infamous Perl Geek Code
The Story What is not said in the Bible/Coran/Torah...

Hey ! if you want to be kind, don't forget to drop a word to these people

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