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by brusimm (Pilgrim)
on Nov 16, 2006 at 20:25 UTC ( #584594=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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My top level nodes

Nodes I need to keep shortcuts to or good basic references.

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  • I am new at this whole thing, but I'm a quick learner.. sometimes.. With enough CONSTRUCTIVE flaming, I will either learn, or go away. Depends on the day!!

    Curious Quotes:
    I prefer a "Rigid State of Flexibility",
    "Things can be entirely consistent & predictable and yet not reliable",

    My experience is from several years ago when I touched on light coding (less filling) in FORTRAN, C, IDL, & FoxPro. I have heavy use / experience in Excel to handle and analyze #'s & "some" web & blog administration skills.

    If anyone knows good resources for CSS tutorials that are simple in approach, it would be much appreciated.

    I contribute as an editor to & sirius backstage forums.
    My websites are,,
    I'm a busy guy these days.

    'Nuff said.

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    [stevieb]: well, what happens is the Arduino 'listens' for requests r/w, and does the appropriate thing when it's interrupted based on the 'register' address sent in. It's ugly as it was my first attempt, but I've got great new ideas I'm just sitting.
    [stevieb]: ...down to implement now. Here's the sketch as it currently sits
    [shmem]: well I use I2C and SPI and stuff, but creating a pseudo chip looks to me like lot of indirection and memory clutter... not?
    [choroba]: Are you going to use the device soon? Related to your comment about "not having much time to do a lot of coding"...
    [stevieb]: sure, but I'm just learning ;) I consider it practice to get a good understanding of what goes on *after* an I2C/SPI request is made
    [shmem]: ah ok. Gonna read that. but now....
    shmem compiles himself into his template
    [stevieb]: this is my RPi:: distribution overall automation build system physical layout. It doesn't encompass all of my RPi dists yet, ...
    [stevieb]: ...but I'm getting close. I've been soldering my own PCBs to gain that experience as well, before I have my own manufactured.
    [stevieb]: heh, nice *template* ;) 'night shmem!

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