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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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Previous message (not shown): Jun 30, 2015 at 19:15 UTC
[ambrus]jdporter: yes, I did notice, but then I'm cheating. And I'm surprised it's not a note to user instead.
[ambrus]jdporter: or you could have just added it to Guide to PerlMonks Acronyms and Abbreviations
[ambrus]and welcome back too
[marinersk]marinersk didn't notice whatever jdporter is referencing. But this is not unexpected...
[ambrus]marinersk: yes, I wouldn't have noticed it either have I not been cheating
[ambrus]hmm, that looks VERY dangerous
[Lady_Aleena]Lady_Aleena gives up ever working on the command line ever again.
[Lady_Aleena]I upgraded from Debian wheezy to Debian jessie last night which meant I had to remove the terminal emulator I was using, and now I can't get it reinstalled. It is an oddball one, but the only one which prints my output the way I want it printed.
[marinersk]marinersk lives on the command line. I dread having to traverse the light-years between my keyboard and my mouse, and back again. Kinda like a Hobbit journey. Hairy feet included.
[Lady_Aleena]No line wrap and a horizontal bar so I can scroll right is what it has which all others don't seem to have.
[Lady_Aleena]I tried getting help, but everyone wanted to argue with me. So, I gave up.
[RonW]Aleena, someone on one of the Debian forums should be able to help you
[RonW]soory to hear that
[RonW]which terminal emulator where you using?
[ambrus]jdporter: ping
[jeffa]if everyone wanted to argue with you then maybe you were being too demanding
[jeffa]just because Perlmonks has a number of people who are willing to enable your bad habits, don't expect everyone to be that way just because you tell them you are a girl
[Lady_Aleena]RonW, it was the #debian people who were arguing with me. I can't remember how to install the terminal I want which is called Terminator (not the GNOME one).
[NodeReaper]NodeReaper has swallowed jeffa. NodeReaper gets indigestion.
[GotToBTru]we use PuTTY and I have few complaints
[RonW]Aleena, that site is blocked by the office firewall. I will look later
[Lady_Aleena]GotToBTru, isn't PuTTY a Windows program?
[GotToBTru]unsure, Lady_Aleena. I thought it was available for other OS
[Lady_Aleena]RonW, I just wish there was a link on the site called "install", and that Linux would allow such a link to work.
[Lady_Aleena]It seems Linux doesn't like downloadable installers which is sad.
[ambrus]tye: ping, I need a godly intervention
[erix]can borged users make new nodes as anonymonk? Maybe it should be caught and forbidden.
[ambrus]erix: borged users can make nodes even as non-anonymonk. borging only stops people from posting in the chatterbox.
[RonW]I tought boring only inhibited posting on CB
[ambrus]erix: also, that's not even implementible.
[RonW]Attempting to block a borged user from posting as anonymous could block other users sahring the same IP address
[erix]ambrus, why not?
[ambrus]tye: thanks
[tye]so, erix, you think you can forbid anonymous actions on the internet? That seems to be a common belief.
[MidLifeXis]Does /msging a group send mail to all in that group, or just to a group mailbox?
[erix]no, I don't know. I just asked. why not?
[tye]it isn't like IP addresses are assigned at birth by the government and nobody can share them.
[ambrus]MidLifeXis: only the group mailbox, but for most groups, the group nodelet shows when new messages have arrived to that group, and most members have that nodelet enabled.
[tye](to respond to ambrus's idea of how to try to forbid anonymous action on the internet)
[erix]yeah, I can imagine it's not really worth it (or indeed possible)
[MidLifeXis]MidLifeXis is Noone else can have it.
[marinersk]marinersk is also
[oiskuu]internet drivers license... :p
[MidLifeXis]ambrus So how does one access the group nodelet?
[tye]some people have such pathetic lives that they can devote surprising amounts of time to childish, destructive behavior (and can't find a better use for their time)
[MidLifeXis]Specifically, I am questioning the power users nodelet.
[ambrus]MidLifeXis: you turn it on in Nodelet Settings, but you can do that only if you are a member of the group.
[ambrus]erix: RFC: Updating and Claiming Ownership of Nodes initially created by Anonymous Monk is related
[MidLifeXis]Perhaps power users doesn't have a nodelet, then.
[ambrus]MLX: wait, you became a power user? they don't have a nodelet, sorry
[MidLifeXis]Not just, but yeah. :-)
[ambrus]MLX: see What are PerlMonks Orders? if you just joined
[MidLifeXis]Ok. That answers my question then.
[erix]ah, thanks ambrus
[MidLifeXis]I read that initially, I just couldn't remember if there was a mailbox / nodelet. Thanks for pointing me back to the fine documentation, it answered my question :-)
[tye]just type the group name into the field on message inbox
[ambrus]MidLifeXis: try ?recipient=56883;node_id=48824
[ambrus]tye: what field? we don't have such a field
[Lady_Aleena]Okay, I can now work at the command line again without line breaks. RonW, no need for you to do more work when you get home.
[ambrus]MidLifeXis: there may still be a message inbox. I don't know really.
[MidLifeXis]ambrus's link worked.- thanks.
[ambrus]the power users also don't have a wiki for some reason, I believe

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[tye]coordination was not an expected requirement
[jeffa]nor was effectiveness
[toolic]looks like we need a new spam filter
[jeffa]i don't know what this Anony is , but i really like the cut of their jib
[ambrus]well, they can use the Cabal wiki of course
[marinersk]:: sigh :: Really?
[oiskuu]jeffa, aren't you too young to have worked for nixon administration? hmm
[jeffa]as if Obama's doesn't lie
[jeffa]oh "This" President is different ... he doesn't lie ...
[NodeReaper]NodeReaper has swallowed jeffa, mmmmm...
[choroba]NodeReaper having seconds?
[GotToBTru]ah yes .. jeffa demonstrates again his ability to denigrate himself far above our poor power to add or detract
[choroba]/ignorance is a bliss
[GotToBTru]i had to peek out from underneath my CSS blocking just for a sec, choroba. its the same impulse that causes me to slow down when driving by a car wreck.
[oiskuu]meh, is there any need to consider responses to (reaped, unapproved) root nodes? What is consideration?
[jeffa]considering this site is dead, not really

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