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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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Last update: Mar 31, 2015 at 21:55 UTC
[GotToBTru]Lady_Aleena clearly has not grasped hold of the 'programming is life' ethos
[Discipulus]Corion i completely missed the possibilty to concatenate many fat commas.
[thezip]I need to write a program to determine which of my three dogs to feed first.
[Lady_Aleena]Programming relieves my boredom at times, unless what I am writing is boring. RIght now I've no inspiration for what to write next.
[thezip]I could use a PNG, but that would probably just serve to piss them off.
[thezip]The alrady know the order: 1) Max, 2) Mitzi, and 3) Molly.
[GotToBTru]mess up the order, and you mess up hierarchy, which is important to dogs
[thezip]So what you're sayin' is that I need some sort of priority queue data structure?
[thezip]Smart. Really smart. I hadn't thought of that solution until juust now.
[atcroft]Lady_Aleena: I posted an example of the Sieve you had questions about.
[thezip]Molly has decided to become militant with her dislike of the latest batch of dogfood. Now she insists that we cut it with the wet food, otherwise a hunger strike ensues.
[atcroft]Hope it helps.
[Discipulus]Discipulus is hitting his limit looking at nested html and thinking to a scraper suitable
[Lady_Aleena]atcroft, I saw but still don't get it. My math-fu or logic-fu is not strong enough more than likely.
[thezip]What you need is a scooper, not a scraper
[atcroft]Lady_Aleena: Maybe let it soak for a bit...? :)
[GotToBTru]growling stomach should be solution for hunger strike (in an animal, any way)
[thezip]Perlmolive? (You're soaking in it...)
[Lady_Aleena]atcroft, maybe. It looks like the rest of the functions I wrote in the node pass muster. No one has commented on them.
[Discipulus]or a a scooter
[thezip]GTBT, you'd be surprised with this one. I think she'd be willing to go a couple of days.
[Discipulus]LA answers are chaotic, always, and creative, unlike a laundry
[GotToBTru]you said hunger strike, so we clearly weren't dealing with momentary moping :) but still ... unless it causes more inconvenience to you than the special meal preparation ...
[GotToBTru]i'd make her wait
[atcroft]Lady_Aleena: Try the same thing going to primes between 2 and 36 with it, and see if it makes sense....?
[Lady_Aleena]Discipulus, sometimes answers are neat, organized, and understandable.
[thezip]She's got the Rhodesian Ridgeback stubbornness, in spades.
[GotToBTru]the most likely failure mode would be if she discovered an alternative food source of something you dont want her to eat
[Lady_Aleena]atcroft, I'm stuck on why none of the other ways to do it don't eliminate numbers ending in 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 0 right at the start. Wouldn't that save a LOT of time?
[thezip]She not like that. She just sulks and whines.
[GotToBTru]every method of finding primes I have ever heard of eliminates all evens above 2 early in the process, its low hanging fruit
[Lady_Aleena]GotToBTru, so are those number divisible by 5.
[thezip]The other bad thing is that when Molly refuses to eat, Mitzi goes to her bowl and starts chowing down on Molly's food too.
[GotToBTru]SoE will have covered both cases by the 3rd iteration
[atcroft]Lady_Aleena: Using the vector method doing so doesn't improve things much, to my understanding.
[atcroft]Lady_Aleena: I remember seeing some code for finding primes that only checks odd numbers....
[Lady_Aleena]atcroft, does vec have other common uses? As I said in my reply, I'd never heard of bit vectors before today.
[choroba]BrowserUk uses vec often.
[atcroft]Lady_Aleena: It does, but I don't use vec that often either.
[Lady_Aleena]The better question, would vec be useful in writing my site's code? ;)
[choroba]Here's my usage of it: Re: Divide an array into 2 subsets to verify their sum is equal or not.
[choroba]vec can make your code much faster. I don't think it's essential for your site, though.
[thezip]What's our vector, Victor?
[choroba]or here Efficient selection mechanism?
[Lady_Aleena]Lady_Aleena goes to Wikipedia to look up what a bit vector is.
[choroba]just imagine an array of bits, i.e. zeroes and ones
[Discipulus]choroba i defended your pole position
[runrig]Bit Vector/Array/String
[Lady_Aleena]runrig, I got there.
[Lady_Aleena]...and the description doesn't seem to match anything I do. I could be wrong.
[thezip]If you set the days-of-week to a bit vector, you could set Wednesday and then use it as a mask to determine when to do laundry.

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[Lady_Aleena]Lady_Aleena had put her laundry script away.
[Lady_Aleena]It appears the European Monks are in bed or getting ready for bed, and the American/Canadian Monks are getting off work or getting ready to get off work.
[Discipulus]is time for LA
[erix]23:00 here. Still quite a few hours to go
[Lady_Aleena]Lady_Aleena will be starting dinner in about an hour.
[Discipulus]nauru perl monks
[Discipulus]have a good dinner LA, good night to eu monks, i cant get rid of web::scraper, anyway
[Lady_Aleena]Good day Discipulus.
[atcroft]atcroft bangs his head against the nearest flat surface after reading a request from a co-worker :\
[Lady_Aleena]Lady_Aleena conjures a pillow on said flat surface so atcroft avoids brain injury.
[ww]it may be too late, Lady Aleena; the missive has already entered his brain. No telling what damage it did.
[Lady_Aleena]ww, hopefully not too much damage.
[ww]Hey, hey []atcroft] (/me sez in the approach directed in CPR training) -- can you speak? speak coherently? share? or would that be too dangerous to expose the rest of the Monks.
[atcroft].oO(Mmm... 3.14159265358....)
[atcroft]Okay now... that was just the... laziest... reason I can think of for the change being requested.... *shakes head*
[Lady_Aleena]Non-sequitur: It would be lovely if we could have a display name, so "Lady Aleena" would lead people to Lady_Aleena. (Where underscores would become spaces.)
[atcroft].oO(Hmm... test....)
[Lady_Aleena]atcroft, leads to a super search but not to Lady_Aleena.
[atcroft]Lady_Aleena: Your user node was the last in the search results.
[Lady_Aleena]atcroft, I saw. Had I known I could use spaces in my user name, I would have, but I created my account back when spaces in user names were nearly non-existent.
[RonW]Even with the underscore, can lead to a search results page - example: RonW
[ww]reverse (homenode, pad, root of LA's first working..."
[RonW]I don't know if spaces in user names are actually possible, but certainly the display code could provide the illusion
[tye]You used to ask such silly questions.
[RonW]And the search system tries to provide the illusion
[Lady_Aleena]RonW, just look at Your Monther.
[Lady_Aleena]Your Mother rather ... eek ... can't type today.
[RonW]the only silly/stupid questions are the one not asked (well, also, deliberately silly/stupid)
[tye]Aren't there 3 "l"s in "sillly"?
[ww]but given Gen Z's (and the Millenial's) inability to parse any subtleties of meaning, silly/stupid = ill-asked ?
[RonW]Oh. Ok
[Lady_Aleena](my $display_name = $user_name) =~ s/_/ /g;
[ww]testing: <c>if ("silly/stupid" == "ill-asked") { say "Yipper!:}
[RonW]Blame the lack of "subtly of meaning" on the dumbed-down education system
[GrandFather]eq ww
[ww]Yipper!; Ahy-yup;...
[Lady_Aleena]ww, you might want to fix your Unitarian Jihad name on your homenode.
[ww]GrandFather did you mean "silly/stupid" == [ww] or something less disparaging?
[ww]Lady_Aleena you referring to the non-link to its source? That's maybe silly but when posted, suspect source would go the way of Compuserve
[RonW]Perl on CPM on a Z80?
[ww]quite a challenge, yes? Fun notion, tho.
[Lady_Aleena]ww, so you purposefully made it broken?
[LanX]does Z80/CPM have enough RAM for Perl?
[ww]yeah, readable, Lady A, but not an implicit invite to follow it.
[Lady_Aleena]ww, okeydeoky.
[Lady_Aleena]Lady_Aleena ponders giving up typing this evening.
[ww]O1 BDOS did some tricky swapping of the top 12K of memory. But even fighting with that, I doubt a fully-able Perl would fly.
[RonW]Given that Word Perfect used to be able to run on a Z80, I suppose if we sent the Camel Book back through time to 1985, we could have a full Perl running on a Z80
[RonW]Aleena, are your fingers tired?
[Lady_Aleena]RonW, just clumsy this evening.
[ww]True, RonW, as could WordStar... but WS (and I suspect WP) did it by swapping functions in-and-out of RAM -- and WP was a LOT (!) smaller in those days.

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