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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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Last update: Mar 23, 2017 at 08:55 UTC
[Corion]A good morning
[erix]when I capture test-ouput with 2>&1 > test.out why do I still get output on the screen? (I had not expected that)
[erix]Hi Corion
[erix]( postgres has adopted TAP tests + perl for testing, and I'm playing around with that )
[Corion]erix: Maybe the program re-opens STDERR or something like that? Also, I think you need to redirect first and then do the 2>&1 thing, but I never know and have to Google that
[huck]erix some things also write to the raw console/tty/pty rather than stdout/stderr
[Discipulus]see this useful site
[erix]hm. ok. Either might be the case here. I guess I need to try out more
[choroba]The redirections seem to happen right to left
[choroba]but gurus say they in fact happen left to right, but we understand them wrongly
[marioroy]bad gurus :)
[choroba]also, &> redirects both at the same time
[marioroy]erix are you using csh
[Discipulus]Discipulus uh the link was for cmd.exe the bash one
[marioroy]If yes, for redirection to work, one might do the following
[marioroy]`bash -c "clang --version 2>/dev/null"`
[choroba]Sane people don't use csh
[marioroy]the 1>&2 will work, not shown
[marioroy]sorry, did not know which if cmd.exe or unix (bash)
[choroba]csh considered harmful
[erix]no, I'm using bash :)
[marioroy]I use the default and happens to be bash
[erix]heh, I like the "Resolved" (Christiansen is really funny)
[Discipulus]Discipulus is makita a reincarnation of grinder?
[erix]I probably also need to understand TAP a bit better than I do
[Corion]Discipulus: Hahaha ;)
[Discipulus]marioroy did you know zentara is back to themonastery? he was used to be one of the best parallel programming monks
[makita]sign_types parameter in XML::Compile::WSS::Signature Does have anybody experience how to use it?
[makita]Need to sign more elements but all types I put in array are ignored. And is always signed only the body
[Discipulus]no makita sorry. i see in the synopsis of the module: "WARNING: Only limited real-life experience" might be better compose a SOPW with some code example and data
[Discipulus]..or inspect the source code of the module
[makita]I am doing this:
[makita]my $sig = $wss->signature( schema => $wsdl, token => $token, sign_types=>'wsa:Action','wsa:To', 'wsu:Timestamp', 'wsa:MessageID','SOAP-ENV:Body', signer=>DSIG_RSA_SHA1, public_key => $cert,
[Corion]Oof, I haven't done much with signing SOAP requests. markov is usually somebody good to ask via mail ;)
[makita]I need to create a SOAP call where are signed more types not only the body
[makita]I am inspecting it second day :)
[Discipulus]better to ask a full SOPW
[erix]erix self-flagellates with the cluebat
[erix]indeed had to be( time make check-world ) > test_run2.output 2>&1
[erix]probably misremembered because of 2>&1 |
[erix]oh nice, can do |& nowadays. Learned something new after all
[LanX]LanX flagelates erix with a signed markov chain

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[erix]: probably misremembered because of 2>&1 |
[erix]: oh nice, can do |& nowadays. Learned something new after all
LanX flagelates erix with a signed markov chain
[erix]: oh well, it's holy week, right? Thick-skin week. I just read that in the Philippines, some RCs practice self-crucifixion. Tough cookies I'd like to see
[LanX]: already?
[erix]: I don't know really. I thought so.

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