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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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Last update: Aug 29, 2014 at 23:55 UTC
[dcronin135]How do I get this whole thread out of the Lime Light?
[Lady_Aleena]What thread?
[RonW]"MS Access in 21 Minutes"? No wonder there are so many *awful* Access apps polluting the office PCs
[Lady_Aleena]I took a multiweek class on MS Access and still couldn't make a pretty database interface with it.
[RonW]I'm not talking about pretty
[Lady_Aleena]I couldn't even make a functional database with it. It is just awful.
[RonW]Anyway, Hi
[RonW]I've never tried to write an app using MSA, but I've been forced to use many. They are awful
[dcronin135]How do I get "node_id=1098695" out of the Lime Light. I see no effort to help goes unpunished.
[runrig]and don't sweat it
[runrig]FWIW, I upvoted it, and see that others have also
[runrig]and mr. nastygram was heavily downvoted...
[runrig]and berated
[RonW]It looks pretty far down the new notes list, so it should fizzle out in a few hours
[runrig]unless we keep talking about it...
[Lady_Aleena]dcronin135, you can create links to nodes by typing [id://1098695] which will create RFC Using PERL HEREDOC script within bash. :)
[RonW]Yeah, I up voted it, too. Is a legit way to handle some real situations
[runrig]I did that once in a shell script to do some semi-non-trivial date manipulation...and the other developer panicked over having to maintain perl...
[RonW](s)he doesn't know real programming language panic until trying to maintain APL
[runrig]I've inherited some kdb, whose ancestor is APL
[runrig]you can download the demo version if you like...
[RonW]Can APL even be typed in this chat (m ← +/ιn)
[RonW]Obviously not
[runrig]APL is greek to me
[RonW]I've dealt with APL. A few of the "old school" electronics designers I've worked with used APL for circuit simulation
[runrig]Used to use it back in physics class...
[RonW]APL is "greek" to a Greek
[ww]and the "A" is for "ambiguous," "alarming," "assinine" or what?
[ambrus]what's up with APL?
[runrig]I've forgotten anything I knew about it
[ambrus]RonW: you can't type apl in code tags, you'll have to type it without (possibly in <tt> tags) and escape any less than signs and ampersands by hand
[RonW]a comment was made about someone panicing about maintaining Perl. I countered with try maintaining APL
[RonW]Hmm, like this: m ← +/ιn
[RonW]Cool. Thanks
[ambrus]RonW: you know, since I'm working in programming for a day job, I'm quite sure people can write unmaintainable code in any language
[RonW]Not that I deal with APL anymore, but useful to know more about what character chat can handle and how
[ambrus]nice! but it would look more like traditional APL if you wrote all the variables in italicized uppercase letters :-)
[RonW]I most definitely know that maintainable code can be written in any language. APL has the "advantage" of shock value
[runrig]learn kdb and you can charge an exorbitant consulting fee
[runrig]..unless you already do charge such a fee...
[RonW]Never hear do kdb. What industries use it?
[runrig]at least you can do kdb with mere ascii...
[runrig]...though it doesn't help much...if at all
[RonW]you can do APL with mere ASCII, but it's even more torturous
[runrig]financial...for time series (i.e., e.g., tick) data
[RonW]I have almost no financial background
[RonW]I guess this is semi understandable: a=: +/ % #
[RonW]sum a series, then divide by the count
[runrig]apparently is used in lots of vertical markets including Utilites for meter reading: (
[runrig](analyzing the meter data, that is)
[RonW]interesting. Thanks

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[Lady_Aleena]Lady_Aleena finished doing the bills, so is now bored.
[runrig]yes, that apl looks just like kdb... (though the language is called q or k depending on what you're doing)
[RonW]We aren't entertaining enough?
[runrig]kdb is the database, k is the base language, and q is built on top of k
[runrig]i think
[Lady_Aleena]I just got back so have to catch up.
[RonW]Can never catch us
[Lady_Aleena]I'm caught up but know nothing about the topic(s) of discussion.
[RonW]Well, we know very little, so you're not far behind us
[runrig]Your assignment is to work throught the project euler problems in q
[Lady_Aleena]Good, I feel inadequate enough when talking about perl.
[RonW]You are learning and we are happy to assist
[Lady_Aleena]I've not written a fresh perl anything for months. I still have so much to fix it daunts me.
[RonW]Besides, you did a website from scartch in Perl. That's far from inadequate
[runrig]here's #1: sum distinct raze { ?[0=x mod y; x; 0] } [til 999] each 3 5
[Lady_Aleena]My website is down due to technical problems (the code is broken and I don't have a fix).
[RonW]Overwhelmed is a condition I am far too familiar with
[RonW]Web hosting services frequently cause code to break
[thezip]LA, did you manage to heed any of our warnings to not make your code so cryptic?
[Lady_Aleena]I have two options for restoring my site: wait for my web server to upgrade the default perl or rip stuff out of my data and restore all the html I riipped out.
[RonW]It's a "value added atrocity" they are all too happy to provide
[thezip]You currently have two options for restoring your site, until you come up with a third, and then a fourth.
[Lady_Aleena]thezip, I'm not sure what you are referring to. Bad variable names, lack of comments or pod, etc.
[thezip]I'm talking about your penchant for combining three lines of simple Perl into one obfuscated and unmaintainable line of code.
[Lady_Aleena]I thought I was getting better when it came to that.
[thezip]I apparently haven't seen your code lately, then
[Lady_Aleena]Neither have I.
[thezip]I'm not trying to be rude, really. Where's your code?
[Lady_Aleena]The problem code or just an example of my coding practices in general?
[thezip]Why haven't you seen your code?
[RonW]Try this for obtuse code: <.@o. 10x^n
[thezip]RonW, that's a fish digesting its lunch...
[thezip]... rendered in ASCII, of course
[RonW]Multiplies elements of an array by 10 times x to the nth
[Lady_Aleena]I haven't looked at my code in months. I got into housecleaning during which I really injured myself badly. Since the injury, I have been more than a little depressed being unable to finish what I started because I can't do much still.
[Lady_Aleena]It took a month to heal enough for me to sit in my office chair for more than a minute without screaming in pain.
[RonW]Some languages are so bizarre - like this expression: (($:@(<#[), (=#[), $:@(>#[)) ({~ ?@#)) ^: (1<#)
[thezip]I'm sorry, that must really suck. So are you saying you're now ready to look at your code again, or would you just like to talk about it with us?
[RonW]How is the pain, now Aleena?
[Lady_Aleena]I'm not sure what I am up for now. However, I put a module I wrote for my site up on my scratchpad if you want to see my latest stuff.
[Lady_Aleena]My arms are still fairly weak. I have trouble lifting more than a few pounds (a gallon of milk sometimes strains my arms). I have to stand every half an hour or so to take the pressure off of my tailbone which I bruised badly and still gives me trouble.
[RonW]Sounds like your tail bone was more than bruised
[Lady_Aleena]I haven't done any major work on my site since last December when I installed Debian. There is still a lot of teething problems with my new OS too.
[Lady_Aleena]RonW, I have been told bone bruises take a LONG while to heal.
[RonW]After a quick read-through, your module looks decent, Aleena
[Lady_Aleena]I am sure it can be tweaked to be better. Also I am fully aware of modules on CPAN which are similar, however, I don't feel comfortable with their approaches.
[RonW]Often, the learning experience is more than worth the cost
[Lady_Aleena]I wrote the module to separate the munging of data from the display of the data.
[RonW]Which is a good thing to do
[Lady_Aleena]I have mostly succeeded though there are still places with failures.
[RonW]Hoep things get better
[ambrus]that soudns good
[RonW]Time for dinner
[RonW]catch you folks later
[Lady_Aleena]Me too so I can think more clearly about my coding problems. Have a good day RonW!
[Lady_Aleena]Lady_Aleena sneezes.

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