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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[Corion]Once again, I'm bewildered by Dancer. I used the header 'X-Foo' => 'bar'; helper, but that made it complain about "trying to send headers twice". So I resorted to my $res= Dancer::Response->new; $res->push_header(...).
[Corion]Why is header(...) different from that?! I would imagine header(...) being callable from everywhere and just preparing headers until they are all ready to send, but it seems my idea of how Dancer should behave is at odds with reality.
[Corion]But anyway, maybe it's time to spin off more functionality from that application into a CPAN release ;)
[sn1987a]Greetings fellow monks.
[sn1987a]Has anyone create a pinto repository on a usb memory stick (FAT)? I get an error on creating a symlink.
[jellisii2]I've generally just reformatted EXT for such things and called it good.
[sn1987a]Unfortunately I need to create repository that I can use with an offline windows machine running strawberry.
[jellisii2]I don't think there's a native FS that supports symlinks for Win32...
[jellisii2]you can install ext drivers on windows though...
[jellisii2]Depends on how much control you have over said machine...
[sn1987a]I will look into that. Are there any other tools to help build an offline repository, or will they all require the symlink to match cpan?
[Corion]Meh - if Pinto really wants symlinks, that greatly reduces its usability ..
[Corion]So far, I've just used CPAN::Mini to create an offline copy of CPAN, which always worked from an USB stick. I don't know what Pinto does that needs a symlink
[Corion]Corion is away, sorry
[sn1987a]How much space is required for the CPAN::Mini repository?
[marto]depends on how much of it you want, e.g. include window stuff if you're never going to use it
[marto]I think it's around 4GB if you don't remove anything
[sn1987a]hmm. I'll have to go back and look at it. My initial impression was that it had the lastest version of all distributions
[sn1987a]Ok. looging at the docs for the CPAN::Mini module see the module_filters option.
[sn1987a]Thanks for the help, everyone.

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