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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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Last update: Sep 16, 2014 at 23:30 UTC
[RonW]And doesn't all that deficit spending rest on an eastern country to finance it?
[Your Mother]Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland!
[erix]let the americans worry about their own deficits shmem :)
[tye]well, India is British
[Your Mother]Why group us all together? We have plenty of unique deficits among us!
[shmem]RonW: yes there's am eastern debitor playing; pokerfaces
[erix]you fought out the internal disagreements some time ago, no? what was it, 1860-ish?
[tye]it was both funny and sad to, just last night, see a US politician talking about how their number one concern is the ballooning deficit.
[erix]we now have the Union against the Confederates again :)
[Your Mother]No reason to limit it there. Let's have NoCal against SoCal et cetera et cetera.
[erix]sorry! we (NL) already sold all our tanks
[tye]no, Cali is supposed to be split into 6 states or so, right?
[Your Mother]Ah, the UN says you’ll be underwater next year anyway. But on the plus side: cheaper diamonds.
[Your Mother]Them or CO, someone gets dibs on "Jefferson" as the new state.
[erix]we've been underwater for centuries :)
[Your Mother]Below sea level is not quite the same. :P
[shmem]for an international community whose aims are fostering humanity; decreasing suffering; peace and evolution (is there any such community?) - the Command Of The Day is : get rid of the dollar. Now.
[erix]China (c.s.) is on your case, shmem :)
[Your Mother]I think their aims isn’t that good. Double :P
[erix]now there is something that may take some time though
[erix]I'd say humanity is festering pretty lively, no?
[tye]fester, fester, fester. rot, rot, rot.
[erix]( tye is rapping today ? )
[RonW]I'm starting to think Joss Weden might have been right about a future US-China alliance
[RonW]Assuming we humans survive long enough
[Your Mother]“We.” Most of those in this room won’t survive three more decades, best case, let alone the sun burning up in a couple billion years.
[Your Mother]Kill. Kill. Kill. Joy. Joy. Joy.
[Your Mother]Happy. Happy…
[shmem]shmem wanders off to sedately sedate himself, elsewhere
[Your Mother]Gold’s down about $300/oz since the last time we had this conversation. Just sedating.
[RonW]In theory, I've got another 5 decades (more if medical stuff improves enough)
[RonW]But then, that still presupposes humans as a whole survive
[erix]( from /your/ tax dollars! )
[erix]Turin (Italy), at least, may save some money ...
[erix]beautiful city, Torino - surrounded by the alps
[erix]great picture there
[RonW]ONly 13 XP left until I'm Daffy
[Your Mother]Quick, everyone downvote RonW for his own good!
[RonW]Looks like I got upvoted :)
[RonW]Thank you for your vote of confifence
[GotToBTru]I have never been more confifinent
[RonW]I'm not typing well today
[GotToBTru]I'll be a Saint by Christmas, if Past Peformance is an Indicator of Future Results
[GotToBTru]which my 401(k) insists in not always the case

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[RonW]My 401(k) performance graph looks like the output of a Brownian Vector generator
[thezip]thezip passes RonW a cup of no tea
[GotToBTru]when did they install the new vending machine?
[yitzchak]cute url: .../search?utf8=✓&...
[yitzchak]err, I entered the character there, not an entity

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