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by t'mo (Pilgrim)
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Soon-to-be Classic Quotes

  • adrianh's clever remarks about the condition of some poor saps without a "...tight grip on the clue stick..."
  • merlyn says: "...capture the regularities with code, and the irregularites with data..."

Perl-ish insights I've had

  • This reply on the topic of Prgramming(!) vs. Coding.
    I would still be interested to see how music has affected other people's programming. After all, I was a musician* before I was a programmer...
  • A reply I made to the "remedial map" thread.
    My insight into map, shallow as it is, became obvious to me as I pondered the following bit of Smalltalk code:
    | aCollection aNumber | aNumber := 0. aCollection := #('one' 'two' 'three'). aCollection do: [ :element | aNumber := aNumber + 1. ] Trans‎crip‎t cr; show: 'There are ', aNumber asInteger, ' of strings in your collec +tion of strings.'.
    It got even better when I equated map with this:
    | aCollection anotherCollection | aCollection := #('one' 'two' 'three'). anotherCollection := aCollection collect: [ :element | element ].
    Smalltalk is still a neat, powerful language (as is Perl).
  • This is my favorite. It was about the time that I was able to formulate a question like this that I began to grok Perl. Well, began to begin to grok Perl. References were the first big leap for me...

Music is great

What else can I say about this? Only that performing is more enjoyable that listening. Here are the instruments I play, in decreasing order of skill:

  1. string bass
  2. piano
  3. guitar

At one job I had, one of the survey questions (How well do you like working at this place? Are you satisfied with working conditions? management? coworkers? etc.) was whether or not I felt all my "career goals" could be met working with this company. No way! (unless they're going to start a house orchestra or band sometime soon...)

Computer languages I know something about

...but not necessarily a lot about; I'm still learning.

  1. Applesoft basic -- my first and only!
  2. Logo -- well, maybe the turtle was the first...
  3. Fortran-- of which I forgot everything I ever learned.
  4. Forth -- I bet you haven't heard of it; too bad for you.
  5. C++ -- college days.
  6. Java -- more college days using at the new job.
  7. VB -- (h)ack!
  8. C -- at the end of the college days; kind of backwards, don't you think? (the order I learned them, that is)
  9. SQL
  10. Perl -- picked up a little in college; now I know a bit more...
  11. Smalltalk -- one of the things I get paid to do (but see below).
  12. JavaS‎crip‎t -- this is the most recent addition to my collection; I'm amazed at how Perlish it can be at times (but if I read the docs right, that's what the creators of the language intented), which lets me get some things done when I'm stuck at work without Perl
  13. ASP/VBS‎crip‎t/more VB -- I know, but I gotta' pay the rent mortgage. (well, as of June 6, see "Java" above)
  14. Lotus Notes programming/design ("design" is in there because most of what you do in Notes is not coding)
  15. C#
  16. PHP

Of course, I should also throw in a bit of shell programming as could you use Linux without it?

Still important enough to leave in here

Learn to spell!

(Which came first: parentheses or parenthetical remarks?)

Well, as of today (10/14/2003) I have assumed new powers. (I'm only recording that fact so I can find the node describing those powers again after I've forgotten what they are.)

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