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by rnewsham (Friar)
on Mar 06, 2013 at 11:19 UTC ( #1021995=user: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

About me
I have been programming for 14 years and work for my self as a perl developer. Originally from Yorkshire and currently living in the East Midlands with my partner and our two children.

Why I Use perl
I have tried many languages over the years and I always found the nuances of syntax for each counter-intuitive. Then 7 years ago I took a job with a web hosting company which almost exclusively used perl. Starting out learning perl programming was an absolute joy. Rather than struggling with syntax I found myself typing commands as I thought they should be constructed and being pleasantly surprised to find I was right. Finally I had found a language that thought the way I did and I have not looked back since. That combined with the seemingly endless supply of modules available via cpan to solve problems that I have not even thought of yet.

What I use perl for
My primary focus is on server management/monitoring for linux servers and building bespoke online business solutions. Tasks for which I find perl more than capable.

Some of my projects with perl

  • Multiple server monitoring and management control panel
  • Virtual server automated deployment, configuration and resource management
  • Business CRM systems
  • Website CMS
  • Email marketing management
  • Website statistics reports incorporating Google Analytics api
  • Various bespoke business software solutions for Pryanet

Why I joined the monastery
After many years of lurking and absorbing knowledge I felt it was time that I tried to give something back to the community and help the next generation of perl programmers.

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