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Re: Can't install Math::BigInt::GMP

by kschwab (Priest)
on Mar 22, 2013 at 19:40 UTC ( #1024972=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Can't install Math::BigInt::GMP

It's saying it can't find the header file and library from the GNU MP library. From the readme: "You need to install the Gnu MP library aka libgmp to compile this module."

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Re^2: Can't install Math::BigInt::GMP
by finfan (Acolyte) on Mar 22, 2013 at 20:11 UTC
    I have installed gmp-4.3.1-7.el6_2.2.x86_64. Is that not the correct package?

      depending on the OS/package management you'll need to install the -dev/-devel package

      Sounds, right, but I looked up the package, and I don't see the C header file gmp.h listed in the contents. You could either install from source, or try and figure out where your distribution stowed away the header file.
        Quick Google search seems to indicate you need a package with gmp-devel in the name...
      i had to install the devel package gmp-devel.x86_64.

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