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Re: Whats with the autoincrementation of a string

by space_monk (Chaplain)
on Jun 14, 2013 at 18:54 UTC ( #1039017=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Whats with the autoincrementation of a string

Note that the incrementation sequences are
0..9 => 0 + carry|1 i.e 10 A..Z => A + carry|A i.e. AA a..z => a + carry|a i.e aa
bz => ca
wrapping the z->a gives a carry to the b next in Lower a..z is c.
Zz => AAa
wrapping the z->a gives a carry to the Z next in Upper case A..Z is AA.
z9 => aa0
incrementing 9 wraps round to zero, passing a carry up to the z. Next up from z is aa
9z => 10
tricked you!! - string autoincrement only works on patterns matching regex /^[a-zA-Z]*[0-9]*\z/, this doesn't match that pattern, so treats leading number(s) as the (numeric?) value and increments that. 9 goes to 10 :-)

If you spot any bugs in my solutions, it's because I've deliberately left them in as an exercise for the reader! :-)

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Re^2: Whats with the autoincrementation of a string
by bingalee (Acolyte) on Jun 18, 2013 at 20:03 UTC

    ok, so what about something that doest end with a "z" or a "9". Like will "zc" become "aad?"

      No, "zc" will become "zd". Similarly, 93 + 1 = 94, not 104.
      لսႽ ᥲᥒ⚪⟊Ⴙᘓᖇ Ꮅᘓᖇ⎱ Ⴙᥲ𝇋ƙᘓᖇ

        and something like "zaz" will become " aba" right?

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