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Re: The Permission Denied page

by kcott (Chancellor)
on Aug 04, 2013 at 04:54 UTC ( #1047766=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to The Permission Denied page

G'day BramVanOosterhout,

Welcome to the monastery.

It's good to see you're "learning to use this website" and reading relevant documentation.

Before posting, you should use the [ preview ] button. When the preview appears, check for: typos; mismatched tags; invalid links. Fix any problems, hit the [ preview ] button again; repeat this cycle until your post is correct.

In your post, you have three instances of "Markup in the Monastry". That was probably one typo (i.e. s{Monastry}{Monastery}) that you copied then pasted two more times; however, regardless of how you generated those errors, there is no "Markup in the Monastry" page so those links all go to the "Super Search" page. I'm sufficiently familiar with the site to know that you almost certainly meant "Markup in the Monastery".

Similarly, when I checked "Permission Denied" (i.e. [Permission Denied]), I found "Permission Denied" was not a unique page name: the link went to a "Duplicates Found" page. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with that page and, given that's the page you're requesting changes to, this is critical information. I did find "Permission Denied" and "Permission denied." but, as they're both just normal threads you could have added to yourself, I'm assuming neither are what you meant to target: you probably mean some site documentation to which you don't have write-access. So, please determine exactly which page you're referencing and then visit the "SiteDocClan" page (it has a link to information about requesting changes). [Just before posting (while previewing, actually) I found this "Permission Denied" page which is probably the one you meant.]

Here's a few other pointers you may find useful:

  • Take a look at "What shortcuts can I use for linking to other information?". Regarding "... thought I could put [ http:// ...": you can — see the "Arbitrary external sites" section. Here's two examples: (markup: []); Perldoc: perl.html page (markup: [|Perldoc: perl.html page]).
  • Regarding "The thread ended at 5 responses ...": I'm not sure if this indicated that you had trouble seeing more than this. You can change how much you see by going to your home node (BramVanOosterhout), following the "Settings" link, then changing "Replies header depth" and/or "Replies text depth" (I usually have both of those set to 10 but choose whatever you want).
  • It's usually better to update your posting than starting a new thread: "How do I change/delete my post?" gives some pointers on doing this. [Actually, I wrote that after remembering your two posts yesterday; however, I checked them and found that the first one was anonymous so, obviously, you couldn't update that one. The information linked to is still valid for future reference.]
  • The "Posting on PerlMonks" page has links to other information you may find useful (it's one I have bookmarked).

-- Ken

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Re^2: The Permission Denied page
by BramVanOosterhout (Novice) on Aug 04, 2013 at 09:34 UTC
    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for your references. And I appreciate your advice.

    I also appreciate ww comments and working examples. The following example was the cause of my confusion:

    I wanted to write

    Win32::OLE and Excel - Tips and Tricks by cacharbe (Curate) Thank you

    Which I keyed as [|Win32::OLE and Excel - Tips and Tricks]

    when I pressed create (after multiple previews :-) I was sent to [id://2294|Permission Denied]. And that does not happen today. So maybe it was nothing I did, but just a server thing.

    (I now know there is more than one page and how to avoid going to a search)

    With respect to the Monastry typo, it shows as a link in preview. I found out it was wrong after I created the post and updated the text to monastery.

    anyway, thanks again for your patience and advice. I hope I have not overstayed my welcome!

      "Thanks for your references. And I appreciate your advice."

      You're welcome.

      "Which I keyed as [|Win32::OLE and Excel - Tips and Tricks]"

      PerlMonks has (I believe) six domain names: three TLDs (.org, .net, .com) each +/- the "www.". When you specify the domain name in a link, you'll often take readers to another domain that they're not logged in to: at best, this is a nuisance we'd all prefer to do without; it can cause various issues which then require further effort to rectify; it might result in angry responses which is probably something you'd prefer to do without. By not specifying the domain, the readers remain on the domain they were logged in to (and all is good). Anyway, that's the reason for not doing it; you appear to have picked up how to do it correctly (e.g. with id://). You might also be interested in: "How do I link to a node on this site by number?".

      One further point on this: you don't need to use the exact page title as the "link text". Often, when referring to another node in the same thread, I might write something like this markup:

      ... in addition to [id://nnnn|the very good points] already made by [M +onkName] (above) ...
      "I hope I have not overstayed my welcome!"

      I hope so too. :-) Otherwise, I've wasted an awful lot of time providing advice and information for future reference to someone who isn't coming back and therefore won't need any of it. :-(

      Seriously, we all make mistakes when starting out: don't worry about it. You're clearly making an effort to do the right thing and that is appreciated.

      -- Ken

        Thanks for the explanations Ken.

        And I will be back once I have figured out the problem in the other post.


        I, for one, “struggle with disbelief” when confronted by the realization that PerlMonks does, indeed, appear to have three different incarnations:   .org, .com, .net.   Such that, when I open a new browser-window (being logged-on to the one), and open another, “Perlmonks” now seems to have no knowledge of me.

        In every other web-site that I have ever used or known-about, there was “only One True Ring.”   If you inadvertently specified “the wrong” extension, you either got (a) the advertising-laden domain of a “cyber-squatter,” or (b) a silent redirect to the “official” one.   In other words, “all roads (should) lead to”   Here, much to my six-years-old surprise, this does not appear to be the case.   “Innocent li’l ol’me” now very-frankly wonders ... why not?   Why, indeed why, is this site “the odd Monk out?”

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