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Re: Text Based Perl Game

by Anonymous Monk
on Dec 18, 2013 at 02:53 UTC ( #1067577=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Text Based Perl Game

I might make some comments similar to those I made at these links (and the links they link ) Re: Scope of workbook in write excel, Re: Perl MIME parser partially works with my code I wrote (code does not exist , there is no code), Re: RFC: beginner level script improvement (version control), Re: consolidating menu option processing,

stuff how like print/sleep might be shortened to notifyUserWait( $msg, $time );

how you might take @ARGV-uments ... Getopt::Long/Getopt::Declare

how you might pass around a \%universe ... or ... $game->{currentRoom} ...

how if you want to grow your program it makes sense to pass around more arguments and use less globals ... more on scope/strict in Lexical scoping like a fox, Read this if you want to cut your development time in half! and understand that  strict itself confers no benefits; The benefits come from avoidance of the bad practices forbidden by  strict :)

how you might create whateverCommand() generator to make adding rooms easier

how you might switch from code  notifyUserWait() ... somethingElse ... to data [ [ 'notifyUserWait', 'msg', 4 ], [...],...] ... validated data

but those are just ideas that I might need to think more about

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