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Are 2 database connections neccesary w/DBI?

by mculey (Initiate)
on May 12, 2000 at 19:49 UTC ( #11298=categorized question: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Contributed by mculey on May 12, 2000 at 19:49 UTC
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Okay, I'm setting up a transaction with my basic eval block. I'm running through several update and insert statements which, along the way, i must compare the rows affected to other select query information. What I've run into is that my select statements always return 0 rows when using the same database connection yet with a seperate connection, it returns properly. Having recently switched from Oraperl to DBI, I wasn't sure if this was as intended or I'm just doing something wrong...sample code follows: # Begin the SQL Stuff
eval { ############################### # Begin stu_drop.updt section # ############################### print "Beginning stu_drop.updt section...\n"; # Open stu_drop.log file open(LOG, ">stu_drop.log") or die "Couldn't open log file: $@\n"; $sql = "UPDATE saturn.sfrstcr SET sfrstcr_rsts_code = 'DB', sfrstcr_error_flag = 'D', sfrstcr_rsts_date = SYSDATE, sfrstcr_activity_date = SYSDATE WHERE sfrstcr_term_code = '$term_code' AND sfrstcr_rsts_code LIKE 'R%' AND sfrstcr_pidm IN (SELECT DISTINCT pidm FROM studrop +)"; $sth = $dbh->prepare($sql); $sth->execute(); $rows_affected = $sth->rows; $sth->finish(); print "Rows affected by stu_drop.updt: $rows_affected\n"; print LOG "$sql\n\nRows affected: $rows_affected\n\n"; $sql = "SELECT count(*) THE_COUNT FROM sfrstcr, spriden WHERE sfrstcr_term_code='$term_code' AND sfrstcr_pidm in ( SELECT pidm FROM studrop ) AND sfrstcr_rsts_code like 'R%' AND sfrstcr_pidm=spriden_pidm AND spriden_change_ind IS NULL AND spriden_entity_ind ='P'"; $sth2 = $dbh2->prepare($sql); $sth2->execute(); print LOG $sql . "\n"; while(@row = $sth2->fetchrow_array) { ($row_count) = @row; print LOG "Rows pulled from stu_drop_list: $row_count\n"; } $sth2->finish(); if ($row_count == $rows_affected) { print "No prob with counts\n"; } else { print "stu_drop_list = $row_count but other = $rows_affect +ed!\n"; $dbh->rollback; $dbh->disconnect(); $dbh2->disconnect(); exit 1; } close(LOG);

Answer: Two connections are unnecessary
contributed by mosiondz

You should not have to start up a second DBI connection. All that should be required is as follows:

# set DB and SQL values as necessary use DBI; $dbh = DBI->connect "$DB_SERVER:$DB_NAME;$DB_HOST") or die "Can't conn +ect to $DB_NAME, error "; $sth = $ccmd_auth::dbh->prepare($sql) or die "Can't prepare $sql: $dbh +->errstr\n"; $sth->execute; $sth->finish;

After the $sth is 'finished', you should be able to prepare and use $sth again in other queries.

One thing I noticed in your code is that you refer to a $dbh2 when you set up your second $sth. Is this for a connection to a second database? Otherwise it should use the same $dbh that was originally set up. This may be what is causing your problem.

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