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Accidentally Creating Nodes

by chromatic (Archbishop)
on Dec 25, 1999 at 09:26 UTC ( #1396=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

It's pretty easy to create a writeup accidentally. See Schwartzian Transform, for example, which is a note attached to an appeal for wisdom. Perhaps they should only be created when one submits a writeup? Or maybe there could be some standard syntax that the engine can pick up ('nuke me') every night to present a list of nukable nodes every day?

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RE: Accidentally Creating Nodes
by vroom (Pope) on Dec 31, 1999 at 21:37 UTC
    What do you think of a cron job once an hour that would run and delete any nodes more than an hour old with empty text?
      I'd do it once a day, actually. Then you can run it right before you run your OPTIMIZE table maintenance!

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