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Re: Re: New hints....

by demerphq (Chancellor)
on Feb 28, 2002 at 20:17 UTC ( #148367=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: New hints....
in thread New hints....

The problem with adding more is to ensure that it all fits on one screen (assuming a standard monitor size).

Still this seems to fit ok:

  • Are you posting in the right place? Short general question? Q&A Longer or non general question? SOPW General thoughts on perlish subjects? Meditations Is it about the monastery? PMD Check out Where do I post X? for more.
  • Posts may use any of the Perl Monks Approved HTML tags   Currently these include the following....
      <CODE> <A> <B> <BIG> <BLOCKQUOTE> <BR> <DD> <DL> <DT> <EM> <FONT> <H1> <H2> <H3> <H4> <H5> <H6> <HR> <I> <LI> <NBSP> <OL> <P> <SMALL> <STRIKE> <STRONG> <SUB> <SUP> <TABLE> <TD> <TH> <TR> <TT> <U> <UL>
  • Snippets of code should be wrapped n <CODE> tags NOT <PRE> tags. In fact <PRE> tags should in general be avoided but if they must be used then extreme care should be taken to ensure that their contents do not have long lines (<70 chars). Otherwise the Editors might get mad at you.
  • Want more info? How to link
  • or How to display code and escape characters are good places to start.

Is that what you had in mind?

Yves / DeMerphq
When to use Prototypes?
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(kudra) Re3: New hints....
by kudra (Vicar) on Mar 01, 2002 at 11:44 UTC
    Some questions/comments:
    • The list of approved tags is not complete. I imagine PRE was left out on purpose, but why list the tags if it isn't a complete list and there's a link where a complete list is available? I'd rather see that space used for something else--in my experience trying to use unallowed tags is something editors rarely have to fix, compared to
    • the misuse of PRE tags (which is why I think that the line about CODE tags should be listed before approved tags),
    • posting in the wrong place (maybe SOPW should be listed first, as it is where most people should post),
    • people who aren't logged on (when they want to be),
    • and poor titles. I'd rather see the things that cause the most work addressed in the limited space than the things which are automatically taken care of.
    • I agree with the person who suggested the mention of search and super search.
      I left out PRE tags because they were listed twice in the line about CODE tags and I wanted to emphasize the use of CODE tags so having PRE tag listed 3 times versus code tags only twice seemed wrong, (I admit I was tempted to leave PRE tags out entirely but decided not to for the very reason you pointed out). As for why did I list them in the order I did? No better reason than I was trying to mimic Vrooms original showhints() order.

      Once again though for many of your points and the others listed (well, the supersearch one is an entirely different question as it requires changing a different piece of code) while excellent they just dont work out for space reasons. At some point theres a tradeoff between pointing something out in the space that will be seen and putting in so much that half of it is overlooked.

      Still your point about the code tags susggestion going first (my origianl plan intil I noticed it changed the current order) is a good one and if I find a minute perhaps Ill give it a whirl to implement some or all of the suggestion you and everyone else gave.

      Yves / DeMerphq
      When to use Prototypes?
      Advanced Sorting - GRT - Guttman Rosler Transform

Re: Re: Re: New hints....
by Masem (Monsignor) on Feb 28, 2002 at 22:47 UTC
    Pretty close, save that I wouldn't use abbreviations in the text here, since this should be considered newbie text.

    But it was only meant to be a suggestion, or at least a starting point for additional discussion. :-) If others feel it's not needed, then it's not needed.

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