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da w00t

by da w00t (Sexton)
on Dec 29, 1999 at 23:36 UTC ( #1506=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Fairly experienced perl hacker, not quite yet to the level of nirvana I want to be at yet, but gradually getting there. Ask me questions, and you shall get an answer. :)

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[tye]: for example, read https://unix. questions/146138/ loginuid-should-be -allowed-to-change -or-not-mutable-or -not
[tye]: I'm not using SELinux and it certainly appears to disagree with you. shrug
[tye]: Since you brought up /proc, oiskuu, I didn't see you respond to my suggestion of 'loginuid'. Does your /proc not have such?
[oiskuu]: Hm. that depends on kernel compiled with CONFIG_AUDITSYSCAL L

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