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parse the "Private Message XML Ticker" with index and substr

by PodMaster (Abbot)
on Mar 18, 2002 at 08:28 UTC ( #152432=snippet: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Description: Like the title says. Uses LWP::Simple to fetch the ticker. Requires that you provide a username and password.
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

=head1 parse the "Private Message XML Ticker" with C<index> and C<subs

For real.  Probably won't work if the "DTD" changes (not bloody likely


use strict;
use LWP::Simple;
# private message xml ticker 15848
my $user = shift or die "please supply username";
my $pass = shift or die "please supply password";
my $html = get(';op=login;t

die unless $html;
warn $html;

my $fh = [split "\n", $html];

while(@{$fh}) {
    parse_private_messages(shift @{$fh}, $fh);

sub fmat_timestamp {
    my $s = shift;
    my $y = substr($s,0,4,'');
    my $m = substr($s,0,2,'');
    my $d = substr($s,0,2,'');
    my $h = substr($s,0,2,'');
    my $mm = substr($s,0,2,'');
    my $ss = substr($s,0,2,'');

#yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
    return "$y-$m-$d $h:$mm:$ss";

sub parse_private_messages {
    my $s = shift;
    my $fh = shift;

#<message status="active" user_id="83485" author="blakem" message_id="
+539766685" time="20011130001441">
    my $sX = index($s,'<message status="'); # 17 active|archived
    my $iX = index($s,'" user_id="'); # 11
    my $aX = index($s,'" author="'); # 10
    my $mX = index($s,'" message_id="'); # 14
    my $tX = index($s,'" time="'); # 8 ++ 14

    my ($status, $id, $author, $mid, $time);

    if($sX >=0 and $iX >= 0 and $aX >= 0 and $mX >= 0 and $tX >= 0) {
        printf '(%s)(%s)(%s)(%s)(%s)'."\n", $sX, $iX, $aX, $mX, $tX;
        printf '(%s)(%s)(%s)(%s)(%s)'."\n",
            $status = substr($s,$sX + 17, $iX - $sX - 17),
            $id = substr($s,$iX + 11, $aX - $iX - 11),
            $author = substr($s,$aX + 10, $mX - $aX - 10),
            $mid= substr($s,$mX + 14, $tX - $mX - 14),
            $time= fmat_timestamp(substr($s,$tX + 8, 14)),

        $s = shift(@{$fh});
        #</message> # 10
        print substr($s,0, -10);
        print "\n\n";


<CHATTER><INFO site="" sitename="Perl Monks">Rende
+red by the
 Private Message XML Ticker</INFO>
        <message status="active" user_id="83485" author="blakem" messa
766685" time="20011130001441">
heh, [podmaster] is Cheesy WebRing Member #69 ;-)</message>
        <message status="active" user_id="78006" author="no_slogan" me
539897350" time="20020314043623">
Re pseudorandom: Touche.</message>

(active)(83485)(blakem)(539766685)(2001-11-30 00:14:41)
heh, [podmaster] is Cheesy WebRing Member #69 ;-)

(active)(78006)(no_slogan)(539897350)(2002-03-14 04:36:23)
Re pseudorandom: Touche.

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