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Poor man's Exporter.

by shotgunefx (Parson)
on Mar 28, 2002 at 03:16 UTC ( #154883=snippet: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Description: Exporting is bad 'mkay. This came out of a discussion here. I use Exporter to manage my exports. This is not intended to replace it but merely for illustrative purposes for anyone who is thinking about rolling their own import. Doesn't support :tags (easily done though) , but does support @EXPORT, @EXPORT_OK, @EXPORT_FAIL and $VERSION checking.
Update Fixed bug. Wasn't removing the modulename from @_, which meant it tried to import a var with the name specified in use.
our @EXPORT    = qw (@array $VAR );
our @EXPORT_OK = qw($OK_ONLY); 

sub import {
    no strict 'refs';
    my $used_name = shift ; # Remove the Module name.

    my ($Version) = grep { m/^\d[\d.]*$/} @_;
    my @ex =  grep { !m/^(\d[\d\.]+)$/} @_;
    die "Insufficient or missing \$VERSION: $VERSION, $Version require
+d." if $Version  && $VERSION <= $Version;
    push @ex, @EXPORT ;
    my %EXP  = map {($_,'mKay')} @EXPORT,@EXPORT_OK;
    $EXP{$_} = 'Bad' for @EXPORT_FAIL;
    my $that_pack = caller();
    foreach (@ex){
        next if m/^\d[\d\.]+$/;
        die "Denied. Can't export $_" if $EXP{$_} eq 'Bad';
        die "Can't export unknown symbol $_" unless $EXP{$_} eq 'mKay'
        my ($t,$v) = ($1,$2);
        $t = '&' unless $t;
        *{$that_pack.'::'.$v} = $t eq '@' && \@{$v} || $t eq '%' && \%
+{$v} || 
                    $t eq '&' && \&{$v} || $t eq '$' && \${$v} || 
                    $t eq '*' && \*{$v} || \*{$_};

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Node Type: snippet [id://154883]
[Corion]: ambrus: Hmmm. It makes sense that AnyEvent would implement the push_write itself, but I think I don't have a good idea of where the boundary between AnyEvent and the underlying event system lies... Implementing the timer should give me a better idea
[ambrus]: Corion: push_write is in the higher level abstraction of AnyEvent::Handle, not in the watcher
[Corion]: ambrus: Hmm - rereading Prima::File, that merrily coincides with what Prima does - it tells you "you can read", and you're supposed to read from the fh yourself. I thought it called you with the data already read, which would've been harder to integrate
[ambrus]: you just need an io watcher, created by &AnyEvent::Impl:: Whatever::io(...)
[Corion]: So after talking it through with you even while I'm still not entirely clear on where AE ends and my implementation begins, I think I understand that I only need to implement some smaller parts for each functionality I want to support.
[Corion]: Yeah... and you might even be able to mix and match additional functionality if you have additional async suppliers, like from a separate thread
[ambrus]: You hvae to be careful with the timer, because apparently Prima::Timer insists on being periodic, wheras AnyEvent::Impl:: Whatever::timer should give a one-shot timer watcher

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