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by japhif (Scribe)
on May 10, 2002 at 22:04 UTC ( #165787=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I've almost finished my second year as a web developer using Perl and MySQL. I've started on an MS degree in Software Engineering. Currently, I have a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics. Previous languages that I've used on the job are Visual Basic, VBA, VB S‎crip‎t and Advanced Revelation/R-Basic.

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[erix]: and now you are agnostic?
[james28909]: arunbear, your picking bits of history to fit your own narrative. right now, humans are smarter than in any of those times.
[james28909]: in order for there to be a mutation, there has to be a universe with laws setup that even allow a mutation.
[james28909]: everything past the first two things you piked from my posts are irrelevant to me and my beliefs. they are side effects.
[james28909]: two or three. if it has to do with how humans are handling said situations, then that is after they were able to evolve into those problems. agnostic means only believe with evidence. i took that from a tyson video
[james28909]: and it seems that racism suggest that there is indeed a better race, but that is for evolution to decide
[1nickt]: "right now, humans are smarter than in any of those times": define "smart"
[erix]: ah, now you're appraoch downvote-territory ;)

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