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RE: I use for

by anmaco (Novice)
on Jun 10, 2000 at 01:12 UTC ( #17437=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to I use for

Excuse me wise monks - but what is different about CGI in the afternoon? OK Ok I'm joking, please don't give me a bad vote - but what is

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RE: RE: I use for
by wonko (Pilgrim) on Jun 11, 2000 at 17:18 UTC
    CGI.PM is a module which makes your life much easier if you are dealing with CGI scripts. It is a part of the standard Perl distribution. See my post above for the link to the official page, and you will find out why so many use it ;)
RE: RE: I use for
by turnstep (Parson) on Jun 10, 2000 at 01:40 UTC

    See the above posts for a link to the

    "pm" stands for "perl module" not "post meridiem" :)

      I thought it stood for "pre-menstrual".........
      "all was created from /dev/null and shall return to /dev/null"
        Or, "Perl Monk".......
        "all was created from /dev/null and shall return to /dev/null"

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