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Re: A question regarding HTML::Template, tables, and loops

by gryphon (Abbot)
on Sep 02, 2002 at 05:57 UTC ( #194531=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to A question regarding HTML::Template, tables, and loops

Greetings atcroft,

One of the things I've noticed about HTML tables is that in some browsers you have to specify blank cells with " " or else something yucky looking gets put into the final display. So the code of my attempt to answer your question inserts blank cell data for whatever remaining cells are in the table.

use strict; my @set_of_stuff = (1,3,4,6,7,8,10,12,13,14,15,19,23); my $items_per_row = 4; my @table_data; for (0 .. scalar @set_of_stuff / $items_per_row) { my @row_data = map {$_={cell_data=>$_ }} splice(@set_of_stuff,0,$ite +ms_per_row); push @row_data, {cell_data=>'&nbsp'} while scalar @row_data < $items +_per_row; push @table_data, { row_data => \@row_data }; }

Also, I really like letting the brilliance of the module handle what data goes where in what type of table. I lean away from mucking around with the template itself (i.e. inserting "break" variables to set the rows) and rather prefer to let the module setup the table via the data. Gryphon's personal rule of HTML::Template: Put as much of the "thinking" into the Perl as possible leaving a simpler template.

use HTML::Template; my $template = q{ <TABLE border=1><TMPL_LOOP name="table_data"> <TR><TMPL_LOOP name="row_data"> <TD><TMPL_VAR name="cell_data"></TD> </TMPL_LOOP></TR> </TMPL_LOOP></TABLE> }; my $template = HTML::Template->new(scalarref => \$template, option => +'value'); $template->param(table_data => \@table_data); print $template->output();

General aside: When I was first playing around with HTML::Template, I was really annoyed with having to deal with all the references required. However, once I got used to it, I've come to realize that the elegance and brilliance of the module is all about putting all the "thinking" in your Perl and only the HTML in the templates. I'm amazed at what the author's done just about every time I use it.

code('Perl') || die;

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