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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Of Symbol Tables and Globs

by theorbtwo (Prior)
on Nov 09, 2002 at 20:42 UTC ( #211680=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Re: Re: Of Symbol Tables and Globs
in thread Of Symbol Tables and Globs

I sit corrected, in my expensive wheelychair that shows up in TV shows, but that I got cheaply because it was missing a lumbar support pillow, and the co. was going out of busniess. (Yes, that sentance rambled on for no relevant reason, just like this one.) However, it seems in several places, IIRC, that you're calling both symbol tables and globs "like hashes, but not". (I still think, actualy, that symbol tables are magic hashes, and not another sort of entity, but I'll need to doublecheck in the source, which isn't handy.)

Warning: Unless otherwise stated, code is untested. Do not use without understanding. Code is posted in the hopes it is useful, but without warranty. All copyrights are relinquished into the public domain unless otherwise stated. I am not an angel. I am capable of error, and err on a fairly regular basis. If I made a mistake, please let me know (such as by replying to this node).

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Of Symbol Tables and Globs
by broquaint (Abbot) on Nov 11, 2002 at 11:40 UTC
    I still think, actualy, that symbol tables are magic hashes, and not another sort of entity
    After some further investigation I've come to the conclusion that under the hood symbol tables are indeed just fancy hashes. So I now sit corrected :) I believe their special properties are as follows
    • can't be lexically declared (due to the ::)
    • they can be declared with a package declaration
    • they hold the globs which hold the package level variables/subroutines/etc
    • must have a :: appended to the name to qualify as a symbol table
    • probably other bits and pieces which don't spring to my misty mind on a Monday morning
    I guess this means I'll have to change a lot of the wording, but at least it'll be accurate this time. Thanks for forcing me to put my money where my node is :)


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