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[james28909]: im just finding out that july and august have 31 days?
[atcroft]: stevieb: Apparently it was contagious....
[atcroft]: james28909: Make both hands into fists, place them together (with thumbs concealed), and every knuckle is a month (starting with Jan.) has 31 days, every dip (between knuckles) does not....
[atcroft]: (And Feb. is the odd case, because it is 28, unless it is a year divisible by 4, or if it is divisible by both 100 and 400 (at which point it is 29).)
[james28909]: i know but scroll through your calendar on your computer.
[james28909]: i thiught you were going to say make both hands into a fist and puch yourself in the face
[atcroft]: .oO(Sorry, I probably should have said take two normal hands....)
[atcroft]: james28909: No, unless you are a politician, I wouldn't say that (and even if you are, I still probably wouldn't say that).
[james28909]: i mean how hard can it be? its just subtracting days lol
[atcroft]: james28909: What about October 5, 1582?

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