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Re: CGI::Application and HTML::Template interaction

by thraxil (Prior)
on Jan 11, 2004 at 19:17 UTC ( #320505=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to CGI::Application and HTML::Template interaction

load_tmpl() passes parameters on:

my $tmpl_obj = $webapp->load_tmpl('some_other.tmpl', die_on_bad_params => 0, cache => 1 );

see the CGI::Aplication documentation

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Re: Re: CGI::Application and HTML::Template interaction
by geektron (Curate) on Jan 11, 2004 at 19:27 UTC
    thanks. i'd read through the perldoc too quickly and missed that part. i was expecting it to be in the constructor for CGI::Application for some reason.

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