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by starX (Chaplain)
on Jan 19, 2004 at 18:41 UTC ( #322408=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Just another humble programmer trying to find better ways of feeding the hamsters that turn the wheels that make the machines go.

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My favorite CB discussion...

dhoss does the robot
clinton: Won't your girlfriend get jealous?
dhoss: clinton: such foul thoughts!!!
starX wonders if his girlfriend is a robot
erix: careful screwing should bring enligthenment

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[thezip]: Ooops... I lied. I guess Cygwin is back. I'll just do a tail -f instead. Better. Sorry for the noise.
[Corion]: Once more, I'm looking for a sane client-side framework, but I guess these don't exist. Everything I look at either uses a weirdo home-grown templating language (like Angular in all its incarnations) or uses weirdo Javascript incarnations (like ...
[Corion]: ... Inferno.js, which uses ES2015) or uses some horrible amount of Javascript infrastructure before you can even render a single file.
[Corion]: I'd really like to create a dynamic frontend for my Google Keep clone, but so far, all the templating solutions seem to bring their own template language or require me to hand-code everything in (their own flavour of) Javascript. I'd like something ...
[Corion]: ... that can use templates from the HTML (via <script language="text/ template">... my template ...</script> and otherwise gets out of my way. But it seems that is not how the Javascript world is, currently :-/

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