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Re: I most recently did it in the...

by rozallin (Curate)
on Mar 28, 2004 at 22:36 UTC ( #340446=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to I most recently did it in the...

^H^H^H I guess that's not what you meant. :)

BritMonks may not get this at all, as there is no game called Clue in the United Kingdom. It is, for some reason, called Cluedo here, and I have no idea why.

Miss Scarlet can still do it in the billiard room though. With the candlestick.

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Re: Re: I most recently did it in the...
by rdm (Hermit) on Mar 29, 2004 at 07:18 UTC
    Ouch! Howabout with the rope? And the lead pipe. <Drop lights, curtiain fall over..> <Exuant, stage left>
Re: Re: I most recently did it in the...
by Grygonos (Chaplain) on Mar 29, 2004 at 16:48 UTC
    because they couldn't very well call it clueso now could they?


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