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Re: Problem Installing BioPerl

by been42 (Curate)
on Apr 20, 2004 at 20:11 UTC ( #346781=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Problem Installing BioPerl

I had a big problem installing Tk on Red Hat 9, and some googling turned up info on RH9's default locale, Perl, and why they don't mix sometimes.

The short version of the story is this: if you're using Linux, and if your problem is the same one I had, try checking the locale with echo $LANG at a command line. If the locale ends with UTF-8 (mine is en_US.UTF-8), change the locale to the non-UTF version (e.g. export LANG=en_US) and try installing it again.

Also, let me know if it works for you. It's a long shot, but this could be the first time I've ever had the right answer to anything.

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Re: Re: Problem Installing BioPerl
by Sameet (Beadle) on Apr 25, 2004 at 08:57 UTC
    NO i have tried doing that too!! doesnt work. I mean, the Tk is also used by Python if i know right, and there is no problem there, the problem is only when i am trying to install it for Perl!!!!

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