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Re: alarm() on windows 2003, overview

by EdwardG (Vicar)
on Feb 01, 2006 at 10:03 UTC ( #527007=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to alarm() on windows 2003, overview

Looking at the ActiveState sources, it seems 5.8.3 had the first Win32 implementation of alarm(). Here's the changelog comment -

[ 21901] By: nicholas on 2003/12/13 21:22:15 Log: Integrate: ... [ 21895] alarm() is now implemented on Win32. ...

And from looking inside win32.c it seems that win32_alarm() uses SetTimer.

And yes, the behaviour of SetTimer has changed from Win 2000 to Win 2003

On 2000 if the timeout "is greater than USER_TIMER_MAXIMUM, the timeout is set to 1."

On 2003 SP1 if the timeout "is greater than USER_TIMER_MAXIMUM, the timeout is set to USER_TIMER_MAXIMUM."

That might be your problem, maybe.


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Re^2: alarm() on windows 2003, overview
by Anonymous Monk on Feb 02, 2006 at 19:18 UTC
    15.7.1. Problem You want to sound an alarm on the user's terminal.
    15.7.2. Solution Print the "\a" character to sound a bell: print "\aWake up!\n"; Or use the "vb" terminal capability to show a visual bell: use Term::Cap; $OSPEED = 9600; eval { require POSIX; my $termios = POSIX::Termios->new( ); $termios->getattr; $OSPEED = $termios->getospeed; }; $terminal = Term::Cap->Tgetent({OSPEED=>$OSPEED}); $vb = ""; eval { $terminal->Trequire("vb"); $vb = $terminal->Tputs('vb', 1); }; print $vb; # ring visual bell 15.7.3. Discussion The "\a" escape is the same as "\cG", "\007", and "\x07". They all cor +respond to the ASCII BEL character and cause an irritating ding. In a + crowded terminal room at the end of the semester, this beeping cause +d by dozens of vi novices all trying to get out of insert mode at onc +e can be maddening. The visual bell is a workaround to avoid irritati +on. Based upon the polite principle that terminals should be seen and + not heard (at least, not in crowded rooms), some terminals let you b +riefly reverse the foreground and background colors to give a flash o +f light instead of an audible ring. Not every terminal supports the visual bell, which is why we eval the +code that finds it. If the terminal doesn't support it, Trequire will + die without having changed the value of $vb from "". If the terminal + does support it, the value of $vb will be set to the character seque +nce to flash the bell. There's a better approach to the bell issue in graphical terminal syst +ems like xterm. Many of these let you enable the visual bell from the + enclosing application itself, allowing all programs that blindly out +put a chr(7) to become less noisy.

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