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by Mago (Parson)
on Feb 03, 2006 at 00:19 UTC ( #527509=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Brasil-PM and SPB are organizing the Yet Another Perl Conference Brasil (YAPC::Brasil::2006), in April 19 and April 22, 2006. The meeting will take place during The 7th International Free Software Forum (FISL 7.0) @ Porto Alegre (RS) - Brazil, which is coordinated by Free Software Association, FIERGS Exposition Center.

Centro de Eventos FIERGS
Av. Assis Brasil, 8787
Bairro Sarandi
Porto Alegre - RS

Perl Monks - talks :

Randal L. Schwartz - merlyn
Flávio Glock - fglock
Er Galvão - DaWolf
Fabiano Righetti - frighetti
Solli Honório - shonorio
Daniel Ruoso - ruoso
Jôenio Marques - joenio
and others !



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