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Re^3: chomp() is confusing

by aufflick (Deacon)
on May 26, 2006 at 05:33 UTC ( #551774=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: chomp() is confusing
in thread Why chomp() is not considering carriage-return

Hmm, you might be right about the conversion - All my windows perl runs under cygwin anyway so I don't really get to see that pain and my understanding may be flawed.

I do have to stand my ground on

"That regexp is incomplete. It doesn't handle systems that use \r as the EOL marker."
however - which of the two operating systems I mentioned (UNIX and Windows) use \r as the EOL marker? In fact I specifically said in the next paragraph:

Of course the other EOL possibility is that of a Classic MacOS text file, where the EOL marker is a lone carriage return (ie. \r). Mercifully you won't come across these files nearly as much as you used to and dealing with them is an exercise left to the reader ;)

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