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Re: Morphological Japh

by teamster_jr (Curate)
on May 30, 2006 at 13:18 UTC ( #552484=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Morphological Japh

i've seen this not compiling in versions <5.8 at line 26 - it thinks the 79-y///c is an "unrecognized file test: -y".
a patched version follows (which i've tested on 5.6.1 and 5.8.3)- it just needed some brackets :
sub J{print"\e[H",$_[0];$d&&select$D,$D,$D,$d} sub A{$V={};@V=split$/, pop;for($w=$y=0;$y<@V;$y++){$Y=$V[$y];@_=split(//,$Y);map{$_[$_]eq$"or $V->{$w++}=[$_,$y]}0..@_-1}$V->{_}=$w;$V}sub P{my($X,$E)=@_;$E+=$W?31: 101;$e = $W? "\e[4;7;${E}m": "\e[${E}m";$X=~s/( +)/\e[m$1$e/g&&$X}eval {require Win32::Console::ANSI};sub H{int rand pop}sub _{($j,$c,$n)=@_; $h=$j->{_};@J=($"x79)x22;$|=0;map{$Q=$j->{$_%$h};$q=$s->{$_%$s->{_}};( $M,$m)=(@$Q);($O,$o)=(@$q);if($M!=$O||$m!=$o){$M=($Q->[0]-=($M<=>$O)); $m=($Q->[1]-=($m<=>$o));++$|}substr($ J[$m],$M,1,chr 33+H 93)}0..$h-1; push@$c,P(join($/,@J),$n%6);$|}s''>?!O"?GIIAA??C!L!DC.?AAIGG??Aaa"_#?@ DDC??!O>?!O"?GIIAA??CLLl!d!c,?Aaigg__!a&_?@DDC??!O>?!O!?OYYi!a_ckkG!`" c)?__aaigg__!a\'_@DDC??!O>?!O!?OYyi!q_ckkyrrhim}}woOP@BE]}|llqqa!yqov~ ~hjeeiggxxzVFFBIWWOAII?OQQ!O>?!O"?!I!Q?Ckkyrzji!}yWORRnm}}~~|}qa!yqp"~ vfmiywxzz~vvBIYWW!I"Q"O>?!O!?QYYGWYYi!kyrzjquu}iGwrv~k{qrvt{uayww``nmm uu~miyoqij~|saiYYWIIY!QA?"O>?!O!?QYYGWYyi!k}vvdssuaigir~|koorbfceayww` hnneoowiyqoaajl|soiyyOAAQOO"?!O>?!O!?QYYGOQQackk}vvd{{!ywyr~|kssvffcea ywwhhnffppwiyywiijn~uqiyyoaAQ\'O>?!O!?QYYI!QAckkyrrhww!ywyr~|kssvffcea ywwghnnfppxiyywiijn~uqiyyoaaQ\'O>?!O??AQYYIA!QEK{yrjhwoqaigibnlkoorbb_ aaywwow}}~pphiyqoaabdtsogWwoaaQOO>?!O??AQYWG??QQU[[ZBjhwoqqiggbf~l|rrb `geaywwpo!}p`hiiyoqabv|s_GWYoaaQ!O#?O>??!O?AQYWG??ARV\\\\JBJGGW!Ywwrr~ n!~Nlkea!yb`fnnh`_iiyWWyzz~vfJIyoqAAOO!W"O>!?OOQAQWWG!?BV^LJBA!GYQYwwo pbf~}\Llc_a!ya`FNnhg_aiIGWWyzbffnMKOQQA?#WOO>:?$_!?"_!o_"?#_$?#_%?"G>% ?3O#o"Oo!_oOO!?OO#o%O"o\'OWWO>%?4O"o#O!_ooO!?#o\'O"o&OWWOO>;?"_&?!o#_* ?!_%?GG>:?"_(?\'_\'?"_>9?"_&?%_?"_&?$_>7?$_9?%_';$d=pop||0;$r=pop||240 ;$W=($^O=~/win/i);s/\n//gs;s/>/\n/g;$I=$_;map{$K=$_;$k= chr$K+30;map{$ S=chr($_+63);$I=~s/\Q$k$S\E/$S x$K/eg;}(0..63)}(3..32);@L=map{$A=$_;$; =""; map{$_.='?'x(79-(y///c));map{$;.=1<<$A&(-63+ord$_)?'@':$"}split// ;$;.=$/}split$/,$I;$/.$;}(0..5);print"\e[2J\n";{$F=$L[$a++%6];$T=$L[$a %6];$f=$F;$t=$T;$l=$C++%6;$u=A$f;$v=A$t;@b=@B=();$R=$v->{_};$s={};for( $L=0;$L<$R;$L++){{$g=H 78;$G=H 21;(($g-40)**2+($G-10)**2)>$r and redo; $s->{$L}=[$g,$G]}}$s->{_}=$R;while(_$u,\@b,$l){}while(_$v,\@B,$l+01){} J P$f,$l;sleep 1;map{J$_}(@b,reverse@B);J P$t,($l+1)%6;redo}#liverpole

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Re^2: Morphological Japh
by liverpole (Monsignor) on May 30, 2006 at 14:14 UTC
        it just needed some brackets

    Actually, they're parentheses  ;-)

    Thanks for catching that, and fixing it.  I was impressed that you reformatted it in such a way as to preserve the original structure.  There's actually an even simpler way, which is just to remove the 2 extra whitespaces within that line.  (I will go ahead and update the original so as to avoid the problem for anyone who downloads it directly).

      it just needed some brackets
      Actually, they're parentheses ;-)

      well quite *cough* pedant *cough* :)
      And of course in true perl fashion TAMWTDI - there are other ways of fixing it, including adding a whitespace between - and y///.

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