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jdporter's bookmarks and miscellany

by jdporter (Canon)
on Jun 20, 2006 at 15:08 UTC ( #556425=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to jdporter's treehouse
in thread jdporter

signs of intelligent life (in case anyone's searching ;-)

Top 10 reasons to start using ack

ack is a tool like grep, aimed at programmers with large trees of heterogeneous source code.

ack is written purely in Perl, and takes advantage of the power of Perl's regular expressions.

Win32 Perl Wiki

Discussion of my CPAN modules⇒ on CPANforum⇒.

The Computer Technology Documentation Project

Computational Linguistics

She's a supermodel. She's a philosopher. What more do you want?

Comic aboutDigitalKitty (by jkva's better half)

On 2005-10-14, I cleaned up some ancient cruft. The most interesting thing I found (and fixed) was the following. In the thread of Site How To (which, btw, is no longer an official site doc), some people had posted "root" question nodes as replies. Apparently they didn't know how to go to Seekers of Perl Wisdom and scroll to the bottom. So I yanked those nodes out and made them root nodes in the SoPW section. They were:

My Free Nodelet Hacks:

my patches

Some of my root and pseudo-root nodes:

2006-02-01SoPW SharePoint automation
2004-04-06Med There's Only One Way To Do It
2006-01-03Med Strategy Handles
2002-11-14Tut PerlMonks for the Absolute Beginner
2002-11-09PMD Make Purpose of each Section clear
2002-11-26PMD Automate your PerlMonks activities
2006-01-12PMD Pre-empt the node named 'Friar'
2003-03-03CUFP Create and Pop Up Outlook Notes from Perl
2006-01-11CUFP Control and Query Win32 Services at the command line
2003-01-27Code Check for recent replies to your posts
2004-08-15Code Statistics::SGT
2005-07-16Code Tie::Scalar::Substring
2002-11-06snip map-like hash iterator
2002-11-19snip IO::MultiHandle - Operate on multiple file handles as one
2003-05-01snip call setrlimit to limit process resource usage
2003-06-06snip Read and write Windows "shortcut" links
2005-08-29pmdevtopic Site section superdocs need sitedoclets
2006-02-06pmdevtopic in monktitlebar, link to sections by id?
2006-02-07pmdevtopic Let link text for patches be 'reason' rather than 'title'?
2006-02-12pmdevtopic Proposal for some new/improved shortcut types
2006-03-20pmdevtopic Uniform set of categories for all sections that have them?

In <32623.959291225@chthon>, tchrist wrote:

A programmer who hasn't been exposed to all four of the imperative,
functional, objective, and logical programming styles has one or
more conceptual blindspots.  It's like knowing how to boil but not
fry.  Programming is not a skill one develops in five easy lessons.

The Young Man and the Beach⇒ by tchrist

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures⇒ at the (U.S.) National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Some interesting homenode replies:

O'Reilly has 36 syndication feeds:

The links above are to their default, which is Atom. If you want RSS1/RDF, append ?format=rss1 to the URL. If you want RSS0.9x/2.0, append ?format=rss2 to the URL.
Interesting thread: Useless unless. The "suggestion that Perl should have an otherwise" came from me. This thread is really about two issues: unless and otherwise. I don't care about the unless bit.

PP!n!PO o!G+OLCC+OLJ+OLP---OLL+Ee-Ev+Eon-uL++uS+w-

I became a ham⇒ on November 22, 2004. My call sign is KI4HTE.

Why do I go by "jdporter"?

This is my entry in the Thread That Dare Not Speak Its Name.

If you're interested in the geographical location of monks:

And don't miss the amazing pmplanet!

Two awesome lists of Perl resources:

Resources for Learning Perl

    In this order:
  2. Picking Up Perl
  3. Beginning Perl

Useful Bookmarks

Internal: External:

Design Patterns in Perl


  • Greenspun's Tenth Rule of Programming: "Any sufficiently complicated C or Fortran program contains an ad-hoc, informally-specified bug-ridden slow implementation of half of Common Lisp."
  • Zawinski's Law of Software Envelopment: "Every program attempts to expand until it can read mail. Those programs which cannot so expand are replaced by ones which can."
  • Porter's Conflation: "Every sufficiently complicated program includes a half-baked implementation of half of the POP (or IMAP) spec." For example:

On-line Bibles

Sometimes you hear people speaking obliquely about something in merlyn's past. Curious? Check it out⇒.

Single-Serving Goal: "the best phrase guides and language aides on the web and the most useable maps and trail guides."



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    [Voronich]I have never in my life encountered the level of consistent blatant lying that I have in this firm. Sure, $job-5 I had someone try to nail me for his production bug, but that was one shot. This is amazing.
    [Voronich]I've gotten to the point where I spend something on the order of 15-20% of my time deflecting. And I'm talking about selectively editing emails. World class demonstrable deceit.
    [Voronich]Subtle as a hand grenade in a barrel of oatmeal.
    [MidLifeXis]Mmmm. Oatmeal.
    [Voronich]with lots and lots of cinnamon, sugar and butter.
    [Voronich]Voronich wonders how oatmeal would ferment...
    [MidLifeXis]Seems like it would be, mmm, stout?
    [MidLifeXis]"Oatmeal. It's not just for breakfast anymore"
    [tubaandy]mmmm oatmeal stout...
    [tubaandy]Founders Breakfast Stout is a very good beer. If you haven't tried it, it's excellent.
    [MidLifeXis]Can you drink it with a fork? :-)
    [blue_cowdawg]Mmmmmmm beer.
    [tubaandy]MidLifeXis, close. It has hot chocolate flavors and is very smooth.
    [blue_cowdawg]Had a River Horse Belgian Trippel last night. Still trying to figure out its grain bill. Very nice.
    [MidLifeXis]Although I had one that claimed chocolate flavors, and the grain was just burnt.
    [jellisii2]It's Beer:30 somewhere.
    [MidLifeXis]Only finished half of it.
    [MidLifeXis]But I have had some very good stouts; some on the market, some private stock (roomate in college was a homebrewer)
    [Voronich]Voronich wishes he liked beer. Seems there's so much to it, especially now that I'm running with mead brewing.
    [GotToBTru]it's an aquired taste
    [GotToBTru]acquired? that looks better
    [choroba]Are there any non-acquired tastes?
    [choroba]or is it just a question of at what age?
    [GotToBTru]certainly the shift in taste from sweet to bitter is an age thing
    [Voronich]Hops. I can not stand hops.
    [MidLifeXis]MidLifeXis is reminded of the kids drinking story "Hops in Pops"...
    [Voronich]I had a gf a few years ago who was determined to figure out what it was about beer that I found so caustic. Came down to hops. blech. awful.
    [Voronich]Under duress I can get down a pint of Turbo Dog. But that's about it.
    [blue_cowdawg]for those that can't stand hops... stay away from Arrogant Old Bastard.
    [MidLifeXis]Last couple of years /me has stayed away from wheat. It has really cut into my beer selection. :-/
    [blue_cowdawg]Wheat beers give me a ferocious headache. Yet the hefeweizen I made three years ago did not.
    [choroba]I love wheat beers. But I can't drink much of them
    [choroba] the same evening

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