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by Milamber (Beadle)
on Aug 26, 2006 at 19:14 UTC ( #569830=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??


  • Added links to Perl sites section - 2006-09-03
  • Added item to Userful Info For Initiates - 2006-09-03
  • Added links to nodes I've written - 2006-09-03

Various lists of things located in and around the monastery, collected here because I have the memory retention of a sieve:

What Wikipedia has to say about Perl:

Tutorials and Info I've Found Useful:

Useful Info For Initiates:

Links to Perl sites:

Interesting External Links:

Stuff I've written:

While bumbling around, I've found:

  • Paco - The oldest thread I've ever seen...
  • Web Comic Poll - A pretty good list of web comics. User comments will point out some others. Note: NSFW content included.
  • Perl On A Thumbdrive - Does what it says on the tin.

A List of Things I Want To Do:

  • Review Mastering Regular Expressions
  • Review the Perl Cookbook
  • Write a tutorial
  • Produce a first obfuscation

Quote: (A mashup of something I read under /usr/games/fortune):
I am of the third circle of magic, aware that I live in a malevolant Universe, controlled by Murphy's Law, which is sometimes offset by Brewster's Factor. I am an engineer.

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[davido]: yeah, umount -f isn't powerful enough.
[tye]: probably something in the init subsystem that does the mounting that you could disable and reboot.
davido needs to close laptop to board flight home from yapc.
[davido]: I'll look into it in a few hours probably.
[davido]: when i do get to that point I think I'll do it in a vm snapshot just in case. :)
[oiskuu]: tye, you were right: loginuid/sessionid are part of task struct if compiled with AUDITSYSCALL. I have some doubts if you should actually depend on that feature.
[Corion]: oiskuu: Depends on what you want to do with that information
[tye]: I'm not depending on that feature. But I could in this environment. I'm using getlogin(). shrug
[Corion]: For benign logging (which user started this DB instance), it's OK
[tye]: We use auditd for security monitoring. So we can rely on auditing being enabled. I'm not sure who would want to not be able to audit. Maybe some VM inside another system with audit?

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