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About the Approval Nodelet

by SiteDocClan
on Dec 15, 2006 at 19:19 UTC ( #590076=sitefaqlet: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Monks who have attained Friar can moderate site content. The Approval Nodelet contains controls for approving posts into sections, frontpaging nodes, considering nodes for editing or deletion and voting on consideration requests.

The Approval Nodelet contains three important tools:

  • Moderation allows you to approve a node for its section, and if it's good, for the Monastery Gates (the "front page") as well. For more info, see What is moderation? and How do I moderate?.
  • Consideration is how you ask the janitors to take a look at nodes which have something seriously wrong. You type in a message describing the problem and a suggested fix, and submit the form. See What is consideration? for all the poop. Also read the all-important How do I use the power of consideration responsibly?
  • Section Reassignment is for nodes that are in the wrong place. If a node hasn't been approved yet, you can move it to a different section. If it has already been approved, but for the wrong section, you can "consider" the node with a message about which section it should be moved to. Since janitors can unapprove nodes, this will free up the node to allow some Friar (like you!) to re-assign it and approve it into the correct section. There are some limitations on which sections nodes can be moved between; see What is consideration? for details.

    Note that you must never attempt to move and approve a node in the same step! Or even two steps! You must follow this sequence very carefully:

    1. Move the node (change its assigned section, and submit).
    2. Reload the page.
    3. Approve the node.

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[stevieb]: LOL you can easily replace "Helsinki" with "Alberta"
[perldigious]: I used to live at the top of a very steep hill stevieb, I can relate to the video. Literally used to have to build up momentum and try to force my vehicle to make it up the hill to park in my driveway properly... didn't always make it.
[choroba]: Why don't they use tire chains?
[perldigious]: First snow, probably not prepared right away choroba.
[stevieb]: it's Quebec... they do weird stuff there :) In the mountains, it is *mandatory* for trucks to use tire chains. Many passenger vehicles do as well (but it's not mandatory for them)
[perldigious]: That stuff can hit fast... like what we just got where I'm at. Saw a few people who had slid OUT of the roundabout I have to drive through to get to work, not used to the ice yet, take awhile to get the hang of it again and make vehicle adjustments.
[stevieb]: man, when the roads are glare ice, I don't even bother going to work or out... unless I absolutely have to, or was already out in the first place
[choroba]: Tire chains are mandatory here in mountains, and the only unprepared each year are gritters
[stevieb]: I have a 3 day winter survival kit in my vehicle in the event I get snowed in in the mountains (which has happened before due to avalanches closing the roads (and once in the summer due to a massive forest fire that trapped us
[perldigious]: a handful of people in my work area did not make it, but I live pretty close and it's flat the whole way, so I didn't have any trouble. The roundabout is the worst thing I have to negotiate.

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