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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[kzwix]O enlighted brothers, I require your wisdom: I'm trying to get a complete list of supported/installed encodings for encode.
[kzwix]The documentation on the Perl website states: "Returns a list of canonical names of available encodings that have already been loaded. To get a list of all available encodings including those that have not yet been loaded, say:
[kzwix] @all_encodings = Encode->encodings(":all"); "
[kzwix]But I can use some encodings which are NOT in this list... what do I do wrong ?
[Corion]I think the encodings you can use that are not in the list are aliases maybe?
[kzwix](not talking about aliases, I'm meaning encodings with different canonical names, not mentioned in the list. I'd like to list ALL available encodings, not a mere subset)
[kzwix]My list gives me this: ascii ascii-ctrl iso-8859-1 null utf-8-strict utf8
[kzwix]And I am able to use, for instance, ISO-8859-15, which is totally distinct
[kzwix]I can also use the windows codepage 1252 (Windows implementation of Latin-9)
[Corion]There is Encode::Supported, but it's documentation, not machine-readable code
[kzwix]Do you reckon this would be worth a lengthy post ?
[Corion]Source diving reveals %Encode::Alias::Alias
[Corion]kzwix: Hmm - yes, that's weird and warrants a full post. It seems that Encode::Alias is not the full story, especially if you're not talking about aliases at all ;)
[kzwix]I'll post the link to the post, when done, then :)

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[marto]morning all
[kzwix]Morning. Here is the list to my question (mostly for my previous helper, but all are welcome:
[erix]interesting bit of calculated recklessness - betting the farm on the scottish no vote
[Corion]erix: It's a weirdly low margin to risk that much money, but maybe it isn't that much money to the person making the bet
[Corion]The article says it's "his savings", but maybe the person still has income, so the savings aren't that important.
[erix]he also says he wouldn't have lost his house with that bet
[erix]and: of 85 previous polls not one had a yes outcome
[erix]you'd think it would have been difficult to find counterparties to a that bet -- I think 'no' was the expected outcome anyway
[Corion]erix: Yeah, so it was a somewhat informed bet and calculated risk
[Corion]erix: He mentions having difficulties getting the bookies to take his bet at 400k in one piece
[erix]yes, that's true
[sj]use of Expect module
[Corion]Super Search likely helps bettwer

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