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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[RonW]davido One of our older projects uses Perl 5.8.8 for building it
[tye]we just barely got away from 5.8.mumble (when we moved the DB off Solaris)
[Voronich]Broke in to a new bottle of Mezcal with $mgr and $coworker and all was right with the world.
[RonW]Current build process uses 5.16.3
[RonW]V, good to hear that
[RonW]I suspect all the builds could be updated to 5.20, but testing that the builds were that same as those done with the older versions of Perl would be a huge project of its own
[tye]Upgrading from 5.8.x was such a big project that we chose to go with a very modern version of Perl. We only recently finished that project. So now we are on 5.10.1. :)
[davido]tye: Well, early adopters pay the price by being the ones who discover the bugs. :)
[davido]I've just been working out a patch to fix the namespace bug in Inline::CPP, and wanted to find a lightweight way to do a preliminary check that users using a new feature will be handing me a legal package name.
[tye]I'd think you could use a trick I like that would work for old Perl and new Perl: /^[^\W\D]\w*$/
[tye]er, /^[^\W\d]\w*$/
[davido]have to add :: in there...
[davido]or just split on :: and verify what comes between.
[davido]er... split on :: and '
[davido]But I think we've verified that \p{ID_Start} and \p{ID_Continue} existed in 5.8. Anyway, it was this article that got me thinking of more complexity than your suggestio
[tye]yeah, I read that and the stack overflow thing it referenced. I think they may have both overlooked the possibility of the simple [^\W\d]. Though I don't understand all of the esoteric bits being discussed.
[tye]or perhaps it should be [^\W0-9]
[davido]I think in support of your suggestion, most people don't understand all of the esoteric bits because they are not used and will probably never end up in a bug report.
[davido]I followed back through the SO post as well, and even the Java-oriented one. So now I'm less of an expert than when I started. :)
[tye]if stackoverflow didn't really hate prolonging discussions (which contributes to me hating to use stackoverflow) I might post such a suggestion to that item
[RonW]The first article was saying that \w amtched some things that weren't valid for Perl identifiers
[davido]Do a meditation here and ping tchrist. We'll certainly get his opinion of it. :)
[davido]For my case, catching an invalid package name would allow me to carp a useful message. Letting a crazy (and unforseen) one slip through would only result in a slightly less helpful message, so no big deal, not worth a ton of complexity.

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[tye]I thought it was only saying that \w matches things (specifically 0-9) that can't *start* a Perl identifier.
[davido]that's what I took from it.
[SuicideJunkie]Prolonging discussions? SO doesn't have discussions, just context free answers.
[davido]It would have been really nice if 30 years ago someone had decided that \w should be \i, for "identifier", rather than \w for not a word, but maybe not an identifier either. :)
[davido]alright, got to run.
[tye]tye replied to the first article
[RonW]The system is being slow to show your reply. Else it's waiting for a moderator
[tye]"Your comment is awaiting moderation."
[tye]If I'd made that web site, the message would be "Your comment lacks moderation." (:
[thezip]Hmm... postgres has done something unexpected for me... I have a query that does a join on a few tables, to gather costs for various activities. The vendor has also provided a canned report that provides the same information. So I was double checking ...
[thezip]... my query against the canned report, and found that the number of records was different between the two. After further inspection, I found that the dollar amounts for my query were somehow aggregated, and that my totals == the total of the canned ...
[thezip]report for the same activities. The reason I had fewer row was because they were aggregated, but the dollar amounts matched. I did not aggregate anything myself, so why could this have happened?
[thezip]Ah... I think I see it now
[RonW]Way beyond my experience with Postgres
[thezip]I think I've selected the wrong table... One table has line items, and one has aggregations. I chose poorly, I think
[thezip]Actually, I've chosen well, because now I do not need to aggregate, which saves me a step. I do not need the line details for anything
[thezip]... and now I know why one table is named 'receivable', and one is named 'receivableline'
[RonW]Congrats, thezip

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