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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[MidLifeXis]gotta love users. Process that starts every week at 15:30, to be completed by close of business. User asks if it is done yet at 15:35.
[MidLifeXis]Anyway, Beer o'clock. Have a good weekend all.
[Calebros]Hello everyone, I'm a new coder and had a perl question. Do I ask here or do I make a post?
[Lady_Aleena]Calebros, it depends on the complexity of the problem. You can ask here, however, if it is deemed complex enough, SOPW might be suggested.
[Lady_Aleena]Celebros, so just ask and see what happens. :)
[Lady_Aleena]MidLifeXis, have a good weekend.
[Lady_Aleena]Calebros, it is the weekend (or close enough to it for people in 3/4 main time zones in the US) so answers may take time.
[Calebros]I am trying to save a previous lines scalar value in my code to search for duplications in a .csv file, but I'm having problems with this.
[Calebros]And thank you Lady Aleena, it is hard to even write a question I am so new to coding.
[tye]do you have "use strict;" at the top of your code?
[tye]my fist guess is that you need to move the declaration of your lexical outside of the loop.
[Lady_Aleena]Calebros, that does sound like a problem for SOPW. In SOPW, you can put your code into the post so people can see your work so far.
[Lady_Aleena]Or the great and powerful tye can swoop in a save the day.
[Calebros]I am trying to do this using the code $last_a=$a; While I have values for $a, $prev_a is coming back as an uninitialized value.
[Calebros]Hi Tye, I am using warnings and strict, and my thought was that my statements trying to set these values was in the wrong spot in my code.
[tye]$last_a isn't the same as $prev_a
[tye]back to my first guess; you need to declare the variable outside of the loop but set it inside of the loop.
[Calebros]I'm sorry, Tye that was a typo in here, not in my code. I'm sorry :(
[tye](each time you iterate through the loop, you briefly leave the lexical scope of the body of the loop; so lexical variables declared inside the body of the loop go out of scope and get cleaned up)
[Calebros]If you would like I can post the code to SOPW so you can see it, but I thought I declared the variables correctly outside the loop.
[tye]okay. sure, SoPW will get you to the place to post and also has links to useful information about how to post well. Be sure to use <code> or <c> tags.
[Lady_Aleena]Calebros, remember to use <code></code> tags around your code in SOPW or you could just use your scratchpad.
[tye]if you can post a self-contained example that people can actually run, that helps a lot.
[Calebros]Okay, thank you both very much for your patience and help!
[Lady_Aleena]Clear questions and runnable code are keys to getting the best answers. :)
[Lady_Aleena]BTW, hello tye.
[tye]Hello, Lady_Aleena.
[Lady_Aleena]Someone I can't stand may be right about something I wrote into my code.

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