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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[runrig]My kid didn't realize history could actually be interesting until she started taking it in college from a good prof.
[erix]you a military brat thezip?
[runrig]I lived next to an old Nike missle base...we used to go up and do some urban spelunking
[thezip]I spend my first 23 years up and down California air force bases
[thezip]well, actually 11, but then my Dad retired and I lived between Ventura and Long Beach for the next 12 years
[talexb]Interesting .. a friend of mine was an air force brat; his Dad flew fighter jets for the RCAF. He was quite the hippie in university.
[thezip]I really only remember San Diego and Vandenberg.
[erix]erix .oO( at least you have dutch names for airforce bases :P )
[erix]and spanish :)
[thezip]San Diego wasn't an AFB... That was where Miramar Naval Air Station was -- my Dad was on a joint service assignment (USAF, Navy, Marine)
[thezip]That was like '65 - '70. I wonder what types of things has wasn't supposed to talk about...
[erix]Naval Base Coronado
[erix]oh, I see
[tye]nobody can forget Thousand Oaks!
[thezip]it was very easy to build up speed going into Thousand oaks
[thezip]Conejo Grade was good for that
[tye]Move from Thousand Oaks to Toronto to Tonga ( to to to)
[erix]but we, the old world, have the thousand-year oak (planted by Charlemagne)
[runrig]runrig is looking forward to bikepacking this weekend...
[thezip]I saw some of Charlemagne bling when I was in Aachen
[runrig]runrig does his best to forget the commute to thousand oaks
[thezip]Ouch runrig, that must be hell on the 101
[erix]yes, Aachen has some nice old stuff :)
[talexb]talexb had a commute from Mountain View to Santa Clara many years ago. Piece of cake. :)
[thezip]They just don't make churches like they used to
[erix]well, they weren't quite prepared for the USAF anyway :)
[runrig]I thought Charlemagne cut down trees?
[erix]or RAF maybe more correct
[erix]did he? This particular oak he planted
[runrig]thezip: yep...3+ hour commute each way...lasted about a month
[thezip]I used to travel home (ca. 1982) from Long Beach to Ventura some Fridays after school. The only really, really, bad place was around El Segundo. Once I got past there it was pretty much smoothe sailing. I bet it's not like that any more
[runrig]I think the story is there were too many tree-worshiping pagans, so he cut'em down to encourage conversion to christianity...what city/country is this tree in? Maybe he felt sorry for some of 'em so he planted one?
[erix]it's some tiny village in germany -- lemme look it up
[thezip]Oh. And El Segundo smelled *really* bad too (from all of the exhaust)
[runrig]At least the smog is not nearly as bad as when I was a kid
[runrig]Dern...I thought it might be kid is going there in June (for the second half of a student exchange)
[thezip]So 'bad' means 'bath', and 'essen' means 'to eat'... What does that name actually mean?
[erix]which brought me this list of oldest trees !
[erix]I don't really know thzip -- wille- might be from willow. And I think essen means some open space
[thezip]Sounds like a tourist trap then!
[jedikaiti]jedikaiti wandered in to an interesting conversation...
[tye]Visited only somewhat near recently and the inversion was bad enough that you could only somewhat smell the horrid smell from the sugarbeet factory. It was almost nostalgic.
[runrig]I driven past the oldest trees many times, but haven't yet gotten around to getting off the highway to visit them
[tye]tye recalls the sad story of the scientist who killed the oldest living thing known
[erix]really the oldest tree was Pando (but that's a clone group so that is cheating)
[erix]what was that tye?
[tye]it was on either This American Life or Radio Lab.
[oiskuu]an oyster?
[erix]those vikings were always a bit careless; broke a lot of things here too...
[oiskuu]something more sentient
[erix]interesting though, I didn't know these molluscs got so old
[tye]and no, I didn't say "animal". Different story.
[oiskuu]If a cat has nine lives, does it live longer than a human then?
[MidLifeXis]MidLifeXis has to train the new coworker on what constitutes a valid interruption to my 'do not disturb' sign and headphones.
[MidLifeXis]My boss needing my input: check. Her boss (or higher) asking for me: check. Server spewing flames: check. Discussing the newest show: not so much.
[thezip]"Hey man, ya got a quarter for the vending machine?"
[tye]cake in the break room?
[MidLifeXis]Wheat free?
[thezip]"Hey man, I just had some beans and there's a party in my pants!"
[MidLifeXis]That one might fall under 'HR wanting to talk to me' ;-)
[thezip]"Hey man, whatcha doin' at 4:20?"
[MidLifeXis]not that :-)
[thezip]Another one for the HR folks (and an escort)
[jedikaiti]not if you live in CO or WA. <G>
[oiskuu]Go to HR, say you came to harvest the organs. They be surprised, ask "but this IS human resources, isn't it?"

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[jedikaiti]I like you. You're my kinda twisted.
[tye]see "footnote" 1 in 815953
[thezip]Wow tye, you really stated your case well there.
[thezip]So I started off with a container of boring raw veggies...
[thezip]Then I saw the bleu cheese dressing...
[thezip]... and there was the Frank's Red Hot sauce!
[thezip]Alas no wings though.
[thezip]But I do have a plate of bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers waiting for me at home
[jedikaiti]There ya go
[thezip]so how do you kick jalapeno poppers up a notch?
[runrig]runrig is thinking of buying an MRE on the way home for tomorrow's dinner...
[thezip]Ew. Don't get the Ham and Chicken Loaf.
[thezip]"Who will be next to spin the botulism wheel of fun?"
[runrig]Had the buffalo chicken last was pretty good...
[tye]oh, not a cruise ship reference
[thezip]When we went on deployments (ca. 1985-88), we'd get case of 12 MRE's. The ham and chicken loaf was the one everybody wanted to trade away do to its sheer disgustingness
[thezip]s/do/due/, rather
[thezip]The other problem with eating MRE's for an extended period of time was that it was like eating concrete for two weeks. You really had to drink *A LOT* of water to keep regular... just sayin'
[jedikaiti]The only MRE I've ever had was made into a purse ;-)
[thezip]A purse would make a much more appetizing MRE than the ham and chicken loaf.
[runrig]I think I also still have some dehydrated teriyaki chicken...
[thezip]Another disgusting one was the dessicated pork meat thing
[runrig]I was surprised at how edible the buffalo chicken MRE was...and it was enough for both me and my sone
[thezip]Clearly, MRE technology has improved in the last 25 years
[thezip]I guess we didn't have to worry about IED's back then, so the pork meat thing seems slightly more palatable
[runrig]my wife says she went to a summer camp where they ate k-rations from the korean war.
[Your Mother]My grandfather says he met someone in WWII who claimed to have eaten part of a long frozen mammoth.
[runrig]runrig looking forward to bikepacking
[erix]Did he believe him/her, YM?
[Your Mother]I think so. Lord knows a few nearly intact ones have turned up lately. I guess you at least make soup stock… Ew, though.

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