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Node ID Writeup Created
132396 Re: clearpixel alt texts 2001-12-17 01:02
118712 Problems with default twig handler in XML::Twig 2001-10-14 04:02
112906 Re: "paren" breaks search facility 2001-09-17 21:03
73126 Re: Re: Re: Starting a new process (fork?) 2001-04-17 17:27
71773 Re: Working with FastCGI 2001-04-11 21:58
68442 Re: poll ideas quest 2001-03-30 21:49
54905 Re: LWCE Monk Meeting in NY??? 2001-01-29 02:29
49018 Re: The New Server 2000-12-31 01:28
48213 Re: Favorite Descriptive Variable Name 2000-12-25 03:14
41499 RE: I currently have terminals open on X machines 2000-11-14 07:08
40187 RE: Secure Permissions? 2000-11-06 20:31
38616 RE: Where's Ruby? 2000-10-26 18:40
38199 RE: Other programming language I most often use 2000-10-24 23:54
37881 Re: undef 2000-10-23 14:10
36106 RE: RE: A question about suidperl 2000-10-10 23:33
32554 RE: JAPH 2000-09-15 00:13
24765 Sorting on Section Numbers 2000-07-28 02:06
20783 RE: Sort of embedded images 2000-07-02 08:07
20693 Re: Browser Manipulation 2000-07-01 03:13
20593 RE: RE: Dark Theme background issues... 2000-06-30 18:18
20040 RE: Dark theme & code snippets section 2000-06-27 21:54
20038 RE: in case you missed the chat... 2000-06-27 21:44
19853 Re: Perl from Java 2000-06-26 18:21
19685 RE: RE: RE: RE: My views on pseudohashes 2000-06-24 04:40
19654 RE: RE: My views on pseudohashes 2000-06-24 00:03
19652 RE: Re: matching an array of alternates 2000-06-23 23:54
18692 RE: Glitch while posting 2000-06-18 05:12
18461 Re: Downloading multiple files 2000-06-16 18:21
18421 RE: Themes Design Quest 2000-06-16 04:30
17669 Re: New 2000-06-12 07:36
17546 Re: Problem displaying text with CGI 2000-06-11 02:04
17538 Re: Getting username and password from the URL. 2000-06-11 01:08
17535 Re: Dates and time. 2000-06-11 01:03
17382 RE: RE: Abusive Negative Voting 2000-06-09 21:57
17129 RE: RE: RE: RE: I use for 2000-06-08 21:26
16869 RE: RE: Re: ChUI Help 2000-06-07 19:04
16806 Re: ChUI Help 2000-06-07 05:30
16361 Auto-Backup Questions 2000-06-05 08:48
16360 Re: fixing what textareas do to input 2000-06-05 08:42
15757 RE: Re: how do i reset a filehandle? 2000-06-01 07:11
15756 RE: Re: how do i reset a filehandle? 2000-06-01 07:10
15448 RE: Re: Getting a List of Files Via Glob 2000-05-30 21:14
15447 RE: I don't use glob, I use readdir 2000-05-30 21:09
15179 Getting a List of Files Via Glob 2000-05-28 05:25
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[choroba]: Why don't they use tire chains?
[perldigious]: First snow, probably not prepared right away choroba.
[stevieb]: it's Quebec... they do weird stuff there :) In the mountains, it is *mandatory* for trucks to use tire chains. Many passenger vehicles do as well (but it's not mandatory for them)
[perldigious]: That stuff can hit fast... like what we just got where I'm at. Saw a few people who had slid OUT of the roundabout I have to drive through to get to work, not used to the ice yet, take awhile to get the hang of it again and make vehicle adjustments.
[stevieb]: man, when the roads are glare ice, I don't even bother going to work or out... unless I absolutely have to, or was already out in the first place
[choroba]: Tire chains are mandatory here in mountains, and the only unprepared each year are gritters
[stevieb]: I have a 3 day winter survival kit in my vehicle in the event I get snowed in in the mountains (which has happened before due to avalanches closing the roads (and once in the summer due to a massive forest fire that trapped us
[perldigious]: a handful of people in my work area did not make it, but I live pretty close and it's flat the whole way, so I didn't have any trouble. The roundabout is the worst thing I have to negotiate.
[thezip]: G'day all!
[perldigious]: Well, that and dodging the people who forget how ice works right away. :-)

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