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These nodes all have stuff by jjdeterick (showing 1-11 out of ~11?):

Node ID Writeup Created
191846 Advice on Encryption 2002-08-21 19:29
169051 Re: Whats your development environment 2002-05-24 13:22
154374 Re: My favorite cartoon is 2002-03-26 12:13
154078 Re: My favorite cartoon is 2002-03-25 12:12
143861 Re: The server downtime has made me: 2002-02-07 12:57
139839 ActiveState Bug 2002-01-18 19:44
138887 Re: Top goal for the coming new year 2002-01-15 17:08
137115 Re: Top goal for the coming new year 2002-01-08 17:04
74693 GREP Question 2001-04-23 16:07
62312 Determining foreign port number 2001-03-05 22:46
55635 2001-02-01 06:55
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[marioroy]: In Saudi Arabia caught fire but didn't burn. I think angels exist.
Lady_Aleena clean up after dinner finally.
[Discipulus]: uch! so we are twice lucky to have MCE..;=)
[marioroy]: Working a midnight graveyard shift, on the way home ran out of gas. just 2 minutes later somebody stops with a small tank of gas. It's wierd. There's always someone nearby for some reason.
[Lady_Aleena]: I was the one who stop[ed in the middle of a cold night to pick up a small family walking to a gas station. I got a few gallons of free gas for the round trip, and the grandmother said she'd pray for me.
[marioroy]: Folks do not know it, but MCE was ridiculously difficult. At Niagra Falls, heard a voice on enabling Grace while in the mist boat. That 10x performance is possible.
[marioroy]: Lady_Aleena Angels on earth are real people. That's awesome.
[Lady_Aleena]: marioroy, what does MCE stand for in this instance? There are 3 pages of abbreviations to go through.
[Lady_Aleena]: ^ or Discipulus...
[marioroy]: Many-core Engine

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