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Node ID Writeup Created
76371 Re: why would opendir fail? 2001-04-28 17:48
68689 Re: Roll, Roll, Roll Your Own 2001-03-31 22:48
63700 Re: Re: Date 2001-03-12 04:26
63653 Re: Date 2001-03-12 00:14
62573 Re: Changing variables be reference 2001-03-07 00:22
60506 Re: The Marcel Perl Questionnaire 2001-02-23 21:28
55866 Re: Re: my dollar girlfriend 2001-02-02 01:58
54505 Re: More tasty stats goodness 2001-01-26 12:46
52901 Re: Re: A silly splicing question... 2001-01-19 05:14
52628 Re: PerlMonks StageNames! 2001-01-18 02:23
50765 Re: Pessimistic Spam filtering 2001-01-10 00:34
48322 Levelling up (was Re: Horrible Temptation =) 2000-12-26 19:58
47741 Re: Error in Camel Book Ver2? 2000-12-21 10:14
46961 Re: Re: map it back jack 2000-12-16 02:59
46887 Re: Barstool Trivia 2000-12-15 22:50
46636 Re: Re: $_ haters anonymou 2000-12-14 20:22
45153 Re: Invisible japh 2000-12-06 05:16
40998 Re: my and local differences 2000-11-10 23:10
39501 Re: Auto Carriage Return? 2000-11-02 01:12
38608 Re: using 'my $var' vs. 'my($var)' 2000-10-26 18:13
37445 RE: CGI and Traceroute 2000-10-19 03:29
36168 RE: Re: Certainly learning 2000-10-11 04:05
36162 Re: Certainly learning 2000-10-11 03:52
34864 RE: RE: RE: search disk and prompt for deletion of files larger than a certain size 2000-10-02 06:56
32359 CGI::Carp 2000-09-14 00:56
29474 Re: PUZZLED 2000-08-24 22:06
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[stevieb]: I *finally* have my automated RPi::WiringPi and related distribution automated test build system done! It's easy to use (relatively), simple to set up, and works awesome! Cycles every X mins, checks github for new commits, and builds...
[stevieb]: ...optionally displaying the results to a connected LCD with the dist name, date, time and commit of the last run along with a FAIL/PASS. Obviously I can't get CI with Travis for a RPi, so I built my own :) It'll take a couple of blog posts I think...
[stevieb]: cover it all. Awesome thing is that you can dispatch ANY distribution to it (and include all revdeps if desired), and it works all the same as if I'm just testing the RPI code itself
[stevieb]: I'm rather pleased with myself and everything I've leared along this arduous and sometimes frustrating path

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