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as a name for a kitten

by g0n (Priest)
on Dec 07, 2007 at 15:18 UTC ( #655669=CUFP: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Stumbled across this:



"If there is such a phenomenon as absolute evil, it consists in treating another human being as a thing."
John Brunner, "The Shockwave Rider".

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Re: as a name for a kitten
by perlfan (Curate) on Dec 07, 2007 at 20:33 UTC
    holy bajeezus....well, I doubt you'll find a "Python" doing well there...
Re: as a name for a kitten
by mpeg4codec (Pilgrim) on Dec 07, 2007 at 23:33 UTC
    Coolest use for Perl I've ever seen.

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