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Re: History now influences voting

by bastard (Hermit)
on Feb 28, 2008 at 06:15 UTC ( #670829=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to History now influences voting

I've had some time to experience the new downvoting rules and thought a bit about the whole down/upvoting thing. These are my thoughts:
  • Downvoting penalties should get harsher (exponentially?) the more a person conecutively downvotes (similar to the new rules).
  • It may be nice to find a way to reduce the prominence of negative nodes. Something like lightening their color or requiring a particular level to view after various stages of --
  • Perhaps making both down and upvotes cost a percentage of your own XP some percentage of the time. (You are giving your ++ to others but it grows over time. This last one would be a dramatic change from before so i'm not sure how popular it would be. It may very well hurt the site's popularity.
I'm not saying these changes should be made, just offering ideas that popped into my head to be tossed around.

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Node Type: note [id://670829]
[shmem]: well finally.
[stevieb]: nice! I just finished a GPS "take me home" device last week, and did a bunch of software updates to it yesterday. I also created a pseudo chip with an Arduino to simulate an IC, where it responds to register read/writes over the I2C bus...
[stevieb]: ...from an I2C master. It's ugly and there are many changes I'm going to make, but I had not done anything like it before. It's designed for my RPi:: automated test platform; a system that does CI on *all* my RPi modules.
[shmem]: pseudo chip?
[stevieb]: well, what happens is the Arduino 'listens' for requests r/w, and does the appropriate thing when it's interrupted based on the 'register' address sent in. It's ugly as it was my first attempt, but I've got great new ideas I'm just sitting.
[stevieb]: ...down to implement now. Here's the sketch as it currently sits
[shmem]: well I use I2C and SPI and stuff, but creating a pseudo chip looks to me like lot of indirection and memory clutter... not?

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