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Re: split and assign to arrayref in one go?

by radiantmatrix (Parson)
on Jun 16, 2008 at 15:58 UTC ( #692293=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to split and assign to arrayref in one go?

An alternative to moritz's solution, you could do this:

@{ $aref } = split(/\D+/,"1,2xxx4:17");

It says "store the result of the split into the array referenced by $aref". If $aref is undefined or an ArrayRef already, this works, even with strict and warnings.

$ perl -w -Mstrict -MData::Dumper -e 'my $x; @{$x} = split /\s/, "the +one true"; print Dumper($x)' $VAR1 = [ 'the', 'one', 'true' ];

If $aref is a different kind of reference, then you will get a fatal "Not an ARRAY reference".

$ perl -w -Mstrict -MData::Dumper -e 'my $x = {}; @{$x} = split /\s/, +"the one true"; print Dumper($x)' Not an ARRAY reference at -e line 1.
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Re^2: split and assign to arrayref in one go?
by rovf (Priest) on Jun 16, 2008 at 16:13 UTC
    Autovivification if $aref hasn't been defined yet - this is also an elegant solution!!! I already went with moritz's idea, but will keep yours in mind for the next occasion.
    Ronald Fischer <>

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