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Re: Net:ftp directory

by AgentM (Curate)
on Apr 18, 2001 at 05:47 UTC ( #73415=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Net:ftp directory
in thread net::ftp please

The "Net" before the colons indicates that the module is in the Net directory. If the module you want, say "" is in the "Slurpy" directory, then you allow yourself to use it with
use Slurpy::Bubba;
If Bubba is in a Perl "main" directory, then it finds it when you write "use Bubba". If you insist that there is no "Net::FTP" module that you can use, I would 1) throw my hand in the air and "use FTP;" and 2) consider switching servers to someplace that knows something more about Perl dependencies.
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[erix]: weird problem btw (that SQLite question) - I asked astroboy to let us know if he finds the cause
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