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Re: Major update to

by Anonymous Monk
on Jul 24, 2009 at 08:02 UTC ( #782869=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Major update to

Select without submit?


<script language="JavaScript"> function selectPerlVersion(element) { if (element.value.substring(0,1) == '/') { location.href = element.value; } } </script> <div class="side_panel tools_panel"> <p>Perl version</p> <form id="perl_version" name="perl_version"> <select name="version-chooser" onChange="selectPerlVersion(this)"> <option selected>Select... <option>Perl 5 version 10 <option value="/index.html">&nbsp;&nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Perl 5.10.0 <option> <option>Perl 5 version 8 <option value="/5.8.9/index.html">&nbsp;&nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Perl 5.8 +.9 <option value="/5.8.8/index.html">&nbsp;&nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Perl 5.8 +.8 <option value="/5.8.7/index.html">&nbsp;&nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Perl 5.8 +.7 </select> </form> </div>
Should have been
<div class="side_panel tools_panel"> <p>Perl version</p>. Perl 5 version 10<p> <a href="/index.html"> Perl 5.10.0 </p><p> <a href="/5.8.9/index.html"> Perl 5.8.9 </a><br /> <a href="/5.8.8/index.html"> Perl 5.8.8 </a><br /> <a href="/5.8.7/index.html"> Perl 5.8.7 </a></p> </div>
Never reinvent hyperlinks with form+javascript.

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