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Re: Installing Modules Without Root

by superfrink (Curate)
on Aug 04, 2009 at 21:35 UTC ( #785908=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Installing Modules Without Root

I wrote a howto on setting up a custom module directory a while ago. Also have a look at Life with CPAN

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Re^2: Installing Modules Without Root
by listanand (Sexton) on Aug 05, 2009 at 21:27 UTC
    Dear Perl Monks,

    Thank you very much for your timely reply.

    This is turning out to be much harder than I thought! I followed the directions given at:

    After this I go to the CPAN shell and said "install LWP" and at the very end I get an error (below). What am I missing?

    Failed 27/37 test scripts, 27.03% okay. 205/532 subtests failed, 61.47% okay. make: *** test Error 2 /usr/bin/make test -- NOT OK Running make install make test had returned bad status, won't install without force
    ============END OF ERROR============


      Any thoughts on this? I have spent a lot of time on this seemingly trivial issue, with no success :(

      Thanks again.

        Anonymous monk said "force install LWP".

        Thank you very much ! That solved my problem. What a relief. Phew !

Re^2: Installing Modules Without Root
by listanand (Sexton) on Aug 06, 2009 at 16:08 UTC
    OK so now I have another question :)

    I am in fact going to have to be using a network of computers for running my experiments (and I do not have root on any of them). I don't want to go around installing Perl Modules on every single one of them. What is an efficient way of doing it?

    Thanks yet again.

        OK, playing with it still. Thanks much.

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