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by SBECK (Friar)
on Dec 01, 2009 at 13:14 UTC ( #810380=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Author of several perl modules including:

One of the oldest date handling modules. It includes parsing dates in many different formats (including multiple languages), full support of timezones and daylight saving time, date calculations, etc.
A module that allows you run shell commands inside your perl s‎crip‎t with lots of features. Options include echo commands as they are executed, display but not run commands, executing them via. ssh on multiple hosts, error handling on a per-command basis, etc.
An alternative to Locale::gettext or Locale::Maketext which allows for better maintenance of locale messages.
A s‎crip‎t (included in App::CPANtoRPM) to turn perl modules into RPMs. This is based loosely on cpan2rpm and cpanspec, but is far more flexible than either, and handles a lot of situations which they don't.
This is included in perl's core modules. Originally written by Neil Bowers, I have continued it's development and maintenance. It handles different code lists such as the list of codes that specify a country, language, or currency defined in various standards.
An alternative to Test::More that allows you to write your tests in a far more readable fashion.
A module to sort data using methods that apply to a type of data (dates, IPs, etc.).
A framework for validating data. Sets of data can be validated automatically using tests that apply to the data type. Large sets can be done in parallel using multiple threads.
Math using significant figures (used in chemistry and other physical sciences).

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