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Think about Loose Coupling


by jedikaiti (Hermit)
on Mar 04, 2010 at 19:04 UTC ( #826783=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I really am a girl, I really am a nerd, and I really do love airplanes and muscle cars.

I'm a Swiss Army Nerd!

In wine there is truth
In beer there is strength
In water, there is bacteria.

Solar Eclipse 2017!

How did I miss this? There's a PerlMonks Drinking Game! It may need to be updated a bit, tho.

A few favorite links, in no particular order:
Solar and Lunar eclipses for the next 10 years
Programming Sucks
xkcd on Internet Privacy
Very VERY shiney - about Hubble and the Deep Field images
Next time you get a song stuck in your head, click here.
Music for programming Something Voronich found that I want to check out later
Image comparing sizes of a number of well-known galaxies
NPR's Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books
Patrick Stewart on Sesame Street: B or Not a B?
I has a sweet potato!
Dogs in Elk
Translations from the Feline: The Flying Mouse Affair
...and another Flying Mouse Affair. Natural Prey!

If Programming Languages were Religions... Thanks to jelisii2 for posting the link in the CB.
How to shoot yourself in the foot
Animaniacs: The Parts of the Brain
ProQuest Tech Books/Safari Online - if your work/school doesn't have a subs‎crip‎tion, talk them into getting one.
xkcd Guide to Metric Conversions
xkcd A God's Lament
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Regular Expressions Reference
References Quick Reference
Funny Things Seen In Source Code And Documentation
Cube Farm Vocabulary, courtesy of MLX
(The Customer is) Not Always Right - this site is ADDICTIVE. You have been warned.
Cup of Brown Joy

"just because sugar works better doesn't mean there aren't cases where catching flies with vinegar makes sense" -- yitzchak, 11/11/10
(I just like the quote)

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[stevieb]: yeah, I snowshoe a fair amount in the mountains. I also use spikes similar to these very often as well
[perldigious]: Discipulus: alternate link
[stevieb]: LOL you can easily replace "Helsinki" with "Alberta"
[perldigious]: I used to live at the top of a very steep hill stevieb, I can relate to the video. Literally used to have to build up momentum and try to force my vehicle to make it up the hill to park in my driveway properly... didn't always make it.
[choroba]: Why don't they use tire chains?
[perldigious]: First snow, probably not prepared right away choroba.
[stevieb]: it's Quebec... they do weird stuff there :) In the mountains, it is *mandatory* for trucks to use tire chains. Many passenger vehicles do as well (but it's not mandatory for them)
[perldigious]: That stuff can hit fast... like what we just got where I'm at. Saw a few people who had slid OUT of the roundabout I have to drive through to get to work, not used to the ice yet, take awhile to get the hang of it again and make vehicle adjustments.
[stevieb]: man, when the roads are glare ice, I don't even bother going to work or out... unless I absolutely have to, or was already out in the first place

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