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(tye)Re: Alternatives to Taint Checking?

by tye (Sage)
on May 24, 2001 at 03:29 UTC ( #82771=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Alternatives to Taint Checking?

But in the context of taint checking w/ CGI, isn't the main point just that you should scrub your CGI parameters?? Your web server should not be set-UID to root so the security problem is that stuff from "the world" needs to be checked.

So isn't a reasonable solution as simple as replacing the few methods that get data from the client with versions that require "scrubbing instructions"? I'd probably make a tiny hack to to prevent it from being used directly and then make a CGI::Safe where the param() method is a fatal error but safeparam() requires an extra argument that is the scrubbing instructions.

I'd support a few formats of scrubbing instructions. You should make the most common case of requiring the parameter value to match /^\w[-\w.]*\z/ be very easy. But if a ref to a regex is provided, then apply the regex and die if it fails, return $1 if successful. If a code ref is provided, just run that code.

        - tye (but my friends call me "Tye")

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