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Re: Parsing Table

by prasadbabu (Prior)
on Aug 17, 2010 at 09:42 UTC ( #855447=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Parsing Table

Hi tej,

As marto said it is always good to use parsers to have neat solution. Anyhow you have not given your exact output, so below code may satisfy your requirement.

$str = '<Tr><Tc>PA Group (N <26> 23)<Tc>COM Group (N <26> 24)<Tc> <Tr>Gender<Tc><Tc><Tc><124><sup>2<reset> test <26> 0.216, <mdit>df<med +> <26> 1, <mdit>P<med> <26> 0.642 <Tr><ems>Male (%)<Tc>14<ths>(60.9)<Tc>13<ths>(54.2)<Tc> <Tr><ems>Female (%)<Tc>9<ths>(39.1)<Tc>11<ths>(45.8)<Tc> <Tr>Ethnicity<Tc><Tc><Tc><124><sup>2<reset> test <26> 24.99, <mdit>df< +med> <26> 4, <mdit>P<med> <178> 0.001 <Tr><ems>African American (%)<Tc>5<ths>(21.7)<Tc>2<ths>(8.3)<Tc> <Tr><ems>European American (%)<Tc>5<ths>(21.7)<Tc>17<ths>(70.8)<Tc> <Tr><ems>Asian American (%)<Tc>0<Tc>4<ths>(16.7)<Tc> <Tr><ems>Hispanic American (%)<Tc>0<Tc>1<ths>(4.2)<Tc> <Tr><ems>Other (%)<Tc>9<ths>(39.1)<Tc>0<Tc> <Tr>Age, yr (SD)<Tc>46.05<ths>(6.13)<Tc>30.35<ths>(10.85)<Tc><mdit>t<m +ed> <26> 5.94, <mdit>P<med> <178> 0.001 <Tr>Education, yr (SD)<Tc>11.37<ths>(2.31)<Tc>15.85<ths>(1.75)<Tc><mdi +t>t<med> <26> 7.41, <mdit>P<med> <178> 0.001 <Tr>Pain Threshold, <28>C (SD)<Tc>48.75<ths>(2.44)<Tc>47.33<ths>(3.24) +<Tc>U* <26> 158.0, <mdit>P<med> <26> 0.012 <Tr;;4><ems>Males (SD) <26> 47.77 (3.35)&dagger; <Tr;;4><ems>Females (SD) <26> 48.26 (2.36)&dagger; <Tr;;4><ems>U&Dagger; <26> 244, <mdit>P<med> <26> 0.582<endtab>'; $str = qr{$str}; while ($str =~ m|((<Tr(?:\;)*(?:\d)*>)([^\n]*)<Tc>)|g){ push (@cells, $1) } print @cells;


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