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Re^4: Insert checkbutton into MListbox

by ghosh123 (Monk)
on Feb 06, 2012 at 11:18 UTC ( #952055=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Insert checkbutton into MListbox
in thread Insert checkbutton into MListbox

Can you please explain the answer a bit more. "Pack all the buttons in it" ... here button means checkbutton ...right ? And you want me to create a 'up' and 'down' button beside each of those checkbuttons in each row ? Currently I am running the following code. If you just look at it,it will help you to explain me a bit elaborately

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Tk; use Tk::TList; use Tk::ItemStyle; my $mw = MainWindow->new(); my $style = $mw->ItemStyle('window'); my $tl = $mw->Scrolled("TList", -scrollbars => "osoe")->pack(-side=>'l +eft', -fill => 'y'); $mw->Button(-text => "UP", -command => \&press_func_up)->pack(); $mw->Button(-text => "DOWN", -command => \&press_func_dwn)->pack(); foreach my $item ("State" , "Dependency", "CalcTime", "Result") { my $btn = $tl->Checkbutton(-text => $item); $tl->insert('end', -itemtype => 'window', -style => $style, -widge +t => $btn); } sub press_func_up { # Move items up } sub press_func_dwn { # Move items up } MainLoop;

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Re^5: Insert checkbutton into MListbox
by chessgui (Scribe) on Feb 06, 2012 at 12:47 UTC
    use Tk; my $mw=new MainWindow; my $item_width=15; my %attr_item=('-background'=>'#ffafaf'); my %attr_btn=('-background'=>'#afffaf','-activebackground'=>'#7aaa7a') +; my $text=$mw->Scrolled('Text', -insertontime=>0, -scrollbars=>'e', -width=>($item_width+15), -background=>'#efefef' )->pack; my $first=1; $text->tagConfigure('item',%attr_item); foreach my $item ("State" , "Dependency", "CalcTime", "Result") { my $btn=$text->Checkbutton(%attr_item,'-activebackground'=>'#ff7f7 +f'); my $up=$text->Button(-text=>'Up',%attr_btn); my $down=$text->Button(-text=>'Down',%attr_btn); $text->insert('1.0',"\n") unless $first; $first=0; $text->windowCreate('1.0',-window=>$up); $text->windowCreate('1.0',-window=>$down); $text->windowCreate('1.0',-window=>$btn); $text->insert('1.0',sprintf('%-'.$item_width.'s',$item)); $text->tagAdd('item','1.0',"1.$item_width"); } MainLoop;

      This was really helpful. I was also thinking of using hash for storing and re-positioning the text items upon clicking on up and down button. I proceeded as below but a bit stuck. Let us assume I have put your code in a subroutine called build_layout()

      my $dynamic_hash = {0 => "job",1=> "state",2 =>"dependencies",3=>"resu +lt"}; &build_layout($init_hash); sub build_layout { ## samething what u have sent foreach my $itemkey (sort keys %$dynamic_hash) { my $btn=$text->Checkbutton(%attr_item,'-activebackground'=>'#ff7f7 +f' ); my $up=$text->Button(-text=>'Up',%attr_btn, -command => [\&moveup, +${$dynamic_hash}{$itemkey} ); my $down=$text->Button(-text=>'Down',%attr_btn,)-command => [\&mov +edown,${$dynamic_hash}{$itemkey}; ..... ..... $text->insert('1.0',sprintf('%-'.$item_width.'s',${$dynamic_hash}{ +$itemkey})); } sub moveup { my $text = shift ### not able to proceed here } sub movedown { }
        Note that I've added hash %is_selected for the Checkbuttons to have a 'memory' ( $is_selected{$item} will tell you whether the given item is required ). The moving of Buttons is achieved with manipulating the list itself (no hash necessary for that):
        use Tk; my @items=qw(State Dependency CalcTime Result FooState FooDependency F +ooCalcTime FooResult BarState BarDependency BarCalcTime BarResult); my %is_selected; my $mw=new MainWindow; my $item_width=15; my $UP=1; my $DOWN=-1; my %attr_item=('-background'=>'#ffafaf'); my %attr_btn=('-background'=>'#afffaf','-activebackground'=>'#7aaa7a') +; my $text=$mw->Scrolled('Text', -insertontime=>0, -scrollbars=>'e', -width=>($item_width+15), -background=>'#efefef' )->pack; my $first=1; $text->tagConfigure('item',%attr_item); &build; MainLoop; sub build { $text->delete('1.0','end'); foreach my $item (@items) { my $btn=$text->Checkbutton(%attr_item, -variable=>\$is_selected{$item}, -onvalue=>1, -offvalue=>0, '-activebackground'=>'#ff7f7f' ); my $up=$text->Button(-text=>'Up',-command=>[\&move,$item,$UP],%att +r_btn); my $down=$text->Button(-text=>'Down',-command=>[\&move,$item,$DOWN +],%attr_btn); $text->insert('1.0',"\n") unless $first; $first=0; $text->windowCreate('1.0',-window=>$up); $text->windowCreate('1.0',-window=>$down); $text->windowCreate('1.0',-window=>$btn); $text->insert('1.0',sprintf('%-'.$item_width.'s',$item)); $text->tagAdd('item','1.0',"1.$item_width"); } } sub move { my $what=shift; my $dir=shift; my ($index)=grep {$items[$_] eq $what} (0 .. $#items); my $new_index=$index+$dir; $new_index=0 if($new_index>=@items); $new_index=@items-1 if $new_index<0; my $temp=$items[$new_index]; $items[$new_index]=$items[$index]; $items[$index]=$temp; &build; }

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