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A while back I engaged in an experiment combining two of my interests - Perl and quilting. I was pleased with the outcome, and decided to continue working on my script to extend its capabilities. This version uses Image::Magick to create an image of the generated random layout.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use Image::Magick; ### # Revenge of the Perl Quilt # - an extension of the original perl quilt generator that # uses ImageMagick to create a montage image of the generated layout # Ellen Knowlton Wilson, 3/3/01 ### my @swatch; my @quilt; my $number_of_blocks; my $number_of_columns; my $number_of_rows; my %numbers_to_fabrics; # This is a hash containing the # number and the location of the fabric images. For example, # my %numbers_to_fabrics = (1 => 'red.jpg', 2 => # 'yellow.jpg', 3 => 'blue.jpg') my $count = scalar keys %numbers_to_fabrics; # Prompt for the number of columns and rows desired. do { print "How many columns would you like? \n"; chomp($number_of_columns = <STDIN>); print "How many rows would you like? \n"; chomp($number_of_rows = <STDIN>); $number_of_blocks = $number_of_columns * $number_of_rows } # Check that the number of blocks is less than or equal # to the number of available fabrics. At this time, to # reuse a fabric requires that it be entered multiple times # in the hash. I'll probably revise this later. until ($number_of_blocks <= $count); @swatch=(1 .. $number_of_blocks); my $images = Image::Magick->new(); while (@swatch) { my $x = rand(@swatch); my $v = $swatch[$x]; # This print statement is useful for finding # typos in your file names. print "opening file $numbers_to_fabrics{$v}\n"; $images->Read($numbers_to_fabrics{$v}) && die "read failed"; push(@quilt, $v) && splice(@swatch, $x, 1); } # This prints the grid of numbers. print join(" ", splice(@quilt, 0, $number_of_columns)) ."\n" for (1..$number_of_rows); # This creates the montage of images. my $layout=$images->Montage(geometry=>'50x50+0+0',tile=>$number_of_col +umns); $layout->Write("quilt.jpg") && die "write failed";

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