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dorko's scratchpad

by dorko (Parson)
on Jun 03, 2004 at 16:21 UTC ( #360245=scratchpad: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

How to make a secure website
Can't install DBD::mysql
ERD Diagram Generation
Free MSVC tools + Activestate to compile CPAN Modules
Oracle DBD problems with mod_perl
Chart drawing: GDGraph or Chart?
What are DBD::Oracle's dependencies (on Linux)?
Free Nodelet freed
DBI recipes
SQL- for starters
DBI recipes
Re: Strange rounding Error in Perl
Speeding up the DBI
Perl, SSH port forwarding, and secure VNC
Help with DBD::Oracle Blobs
Does DBI::Shell work for you?
A guide to installing modules for Win32
Create an interactive Excel web page
Multiple GD::graphs in one web page
GD::Graph Fonts
No clear answer from Oracle
DBI, HTML::Template and loops
avoiding excessive number of methods in CGI::Application and DBI modules
Re^2: Stopping Module Croaking
Script to update your PPM Repositories
Re: Dates difference
Skipping the first 4 lines of a file:: Is there a better way?
connecting toOracle7 and Oracle9 simultaneously
Re: OT: Why Hackers dont do well in Corporate World
Subroutines and Passing data ...
Catch all die in Perl?
Re^3: Don't understand error messages
How can I visualize my complex data structure?
overkill anti-caching CGI headers
Re: Calling a function from within a HERE doc?
TDD with Coverage Analysis. Wow.
fast logging showing calling position..
Reaped: Re: Constants imported from other perl scripts doesn't want to exist :(
What is module? Difference between module and package?
References quick reference
Re: tar options
Re: Using qw
Re: Reading Lines from Text file
mod_perl blocking greedy clients
Re: Coding for maintainability
Error parsing XML
Validating XML against a schema
Unit testing -- module, book, and website suggestions wanted
Re^2: web mechanize issue with javascript...
Re: What this pattern matches
creating large xml files
A brief survey of the DBI usability layer modules on the CPAN
Have script send email if it dies
Re: SCP connection
Installing modules locally
Perl Special Variables Quick Reference
parsing complex xml structure with xml::simple
Re^2: What I Most Recently Learned in Perl, But Should Have Already Known
Implementing Dispatch Tables
Reaped: (DUP) supressing console with perl2exe and backticks
How to call Oracle stored procedures?
Installing CPAN on a Windows system
Re: Web Browser File Upload Progress Bar in Perl w/AJAX
Answer: How can I visualize my complex data structure?
PerlMonks Editor
How to go from WSDL to SOAP::Lite client code
quoting for system() and friends
Module installed Path
best chart module 2007 update
Create custom data charting tools using Perl and GD
Setting Web proxy for HTTP::Recorder
Perl, In a Nutshell
References quick reference
Starting on SOAP
•Re: htaccess and cookies
Re: debug statements
Catalyst - Accelerating Perl Web Application Development
Interview Counterattack: "Show me a project-plan"
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