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Revelation's scratchpad

by Revelation (Deacon)
on Jun 05, 2004 at 13:03 UTC ( #361591=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

For jkeenan1: Another solution would be to user perl 5.8's ability to open in memory files:
@input = qw/here is some input/; my $imfile = join "\n",@input; open(MEMORY,'+<', \$imfile) or die "Can't open memory file: $!"; # Then use IO::Handle or open to just override STDIN. # To be comprehensive you could check the version of perl. If it's no +t high enough, you could require IO::String, to solve the problem, as + well..
Something For me:
sub parameters { return bless [ $_[0], $_[0]->{'params'} ], DummyNameSpace if want('O +BJECT'); # Single Param. return %{$_[0]->{'params'}; # This will create a } package DummyNameSpace; our $AUTOLOAD; sub isa { $_[0]->[1]->{'isa'} = $_[1] if defined $_[1]; return $_[0]->[1]->{'isa'}; } sub VERSION { $_[0]->[1]->{'VERSION'} = $_[1] if defined $_[1]; return $_[0]->[1]->{'VERSION'}; } sub can { $_[0]->[1]->{'can'} = $_[1] if defined $_[1]; return $_[0]->[1]->{'can'}; } sub AUTOLOAD { ref(my $o = shift) or die; # don't mess with garbage collection my $o1 = $o->[1]; ( my $method = $AUTOLOAD ) =~ s{.*::}{}; if ( !$method ) { # AUTOLOAD AS PARAM. $o1->{'AUTOLOAD'} = $_[0] if defined $_[0]; return $o1->{'AUTOLOAD'} } if ( $method =~ /^DESTROY$/ ) { return if !defined wantarray; $o1->{'DESTROY'} = $_[0] if defined $_[0]; return $o1->{'DESTROY'}; } $o1->{$method} = $_[0] if defined $_[0] and return $o1->{$method}; undef $AUTOLOAD; } 1;
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