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Regex to extract certain lines only from command output/text file.

by perl514 (Pilgrim)
on Mar 07, 2013 at 17:58 UTC ( #1022282=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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     7 hostname12 Generic-legacy 10000000AB210ACF6 ---
                                 10000000AB210ACF4 2:5:4
                                 5001438002A30048 2:3:3
                                 5001438002A30048 2:5:2
                                 5001438002A30048 2:5:2
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    7 hostname12 Generic-legacy 10000000AB210ACF6 ---
                                 10000000AB210ACF4 2:5:4
                                 10000000AB210ACF4 2:3:4
                                 10000000AB210ACF6 3:5:4
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    23 srvernam   Generic-legacy 5001438002A3004A 3:3:3
                                 5001438002A3004A ---
                                 5001438002A30048 2:5:2
                                 5001438002A30048 2:5:2
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    21 HOSTNAME   Generic                       
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    9 hostname13 Generic        10000000AB2A3006A 3:5:2
                                 10000000AB2A30068 2:5:2
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    use warnings;
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    use Learning::Perl;
    use Beginning::Perl::Ovid;
    print "Awesome Books";

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[Corion]: Do you want to launch a script and keep the command prompt/console window open?
[Corion]: Do you want to wait for a key press before closing the window?
[LanX]: I want the command line in the history
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[Corion]: Option a) would mean launching cmd.exe /k c:\path\to\ batchfile- launching-perl- script.cmd. Option b) would be to add pause as the last line of said batch file.
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[Corion]: LanX: The command is always in the history if you typed it in before. If you didn't type the command into the command line, it will not be there. I think there is doskey which can stuff command lines into the history
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